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Broken Promise

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Press Conference Wednesday November 18/15 – Old Timers Cabin
@ 11:30 AM.
We are launching an awareness campaign concerning the long standing
issue in this province namely, the quality of long term care.
Long term care in Alberta is governed by a mass of legislation &
practices – including the ALBERTA HEALTH CHARTER.
That same Charter PROMISES that Health Care in Alberta will be
SADLY, the PROMISE is BEING BROKEN when it comes to Long Term Care.
We are grass roots people and very aware of what is happening.
We know that there are CARE facilities that are striving to provide
SAFE, ETHICAL, COMPASSIONATE CARE. Unfortunately, however, there
are LONG TERM CARE facilities that are a SHAME, a BLIGHT on our
fine province. AND THOSE who dare to address this blight, are not
offered RESOLUTION but rather are subjected to RETRIBUTION,
sometimes severe retribution.
They may be stripped of their guardianship / trusteeship which they
have over their loved one, restricted visiting or only allowed to visit
with guard present, may be banned out right from visiting & should they
visit be removed by security, by police, handcuffed or even take to jail,
suffer legal action.
Our campaign will seek a complete review of the entire long term care
system – including the issue of banning. We plan to work collaboratively
with the Minister to provide her & her colleagues with the
awareness and information to undertake a broad review. We also plan to
reach out to other senior groups and the broader community.
We are a grassroots group made up entirely of volunteers who are determined
& dedicated to make the system better.