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CEO Patrick Dumelie, Covenant Health Boss get’s raise

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Indeed. Executive Health Boss gets a raise. it has been said
Covenant Health has a rich history of providing high-quality care.
However we see this matter from a quite different perspective.
We recall the unbelievable Chudyk matter, where a vulnerable
General Hospital patient, though on a nursing care ward, was
left totally unattended, neglected without food or water for three days.
Younger individuals, at the same facility have complained about
the poor quality of food, that fails to meet Canada Health Food Guide
standards that is poorly prepared & sometimes virtually inedible.
Last year, they planned a hunger strike.
These individuals in wheel-chairs who are totally dependent, had, had
small statements printed, to be left on food trays indicating their objection
to the food. A meeting had been planned for a Sunday afternoon.
However, two days prior to the meeting, one hapless individual, a leader,
was threatened by senior staff, when he was already in his bed, half asleep.
Though, a Sunday afternoon, senior executives of Covenant Health
appeared together with security personnel to quash the matter.
Friends & advocates were summarily & rudely evicted by security.
Promises were made to improve food, however it has been reported to
us, that nothing has changed.
A resident had part of her ear ripped off, blood everywhere, by over-worked
staff who were aiding her to undress at evening time. The resident did
not lay blame on the staff person but blamed a facility which is chronically
Elevators are in serious disrepair. Some rooms have water dripping from
ceilings & light fixtures in spring and during rainy periods.
We have publicly cited, malignant neglect and malpractice at the Covenant
Health Villa Caritas Geriatric facility where individuals are voiceless.
We have documented violent assault, “takedowns”, of elderly persons.
For years, we and others, continue to keep Mr. Dumelie carefully
appraised of these matters.