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 Edmonton Court, Queens Bench – Friday November 4, 2011 @ 2:00 PM –   
Lawsuit-Elder Advocates of Alberta Society et al vs. Crown et al   

      Application by Alberta Health Services (AHS) to appeal the decision of the Alberta Court of Appeal which held that
Alberta Health Services owed a duty of care to monitor, supervise and administer the Accommodation fees

Now, well outside the limitation date for appealing that decision, AHS in effect, wants to appeal the decision. 
We view this application as an abuse of process. 
Madam Justice Sheila Grekol presiding.


Exploring accommodation fees.



This is the home of  two seniors
Income paid by the seniors for this space is  $2, 944.00 a month

Annually $35, 328.00

This senior lives behind the pink curtain next to the window.
The area of her home measures   7′ x 11′

The 2 ladies from that room share the toilet room with two other seniors, 4 to a toilet-
The toilet room measures about 6′ x 8′.


The above room is part of this small hallway, total of 12 rooms.
12 Rooms and 24 seniors.

There are:
Two 4 person rooms –        $11,160.00
Four private rooms $6, 800.00
Six semi-private rooms $27,664.00

Monthly income from small hallway rooms  $35, 624.00

Annual income from small hallway $427, 488.00

Based on that small hallway, a building of 120 senior patients, the facility owners would gross $2,137,440.00 annually.

It must be understood that the nurses, the care aides, the nursing care, is all paid by Canada Health Care.

The over  2M pays for the rental space the senior lives in and the food those frail elderly eat or often don’t eat.

A lucrative rental business.