"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

Dr. Edward Redshaw, Advocacy

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Dear Friends:

I was going through my advocacy communications, which date back many years, when I came across this one. Thought I would share it with you.

With the passage of time and the incoming residents requiring increasingly more care from staff whose numbers and funding are not concurrently increasing it appears that we are facing desperate times.

I can only hope that some path may be found to reach out to the Health Minister and the Alberta Health Services to bring this situation to their awareness and seek remedial action.

There is only so much more than can be done with less. it would be disastrous to see another Long Term Care facility fall into their hands.

Trying to Keep the Faith.

Edward. Redshaw PhD


“I received a communication from Honorable Fred Horne that sets out the

“New Funding Model for Long-Term Care Facilities”.

Unfortunately, this does not show the dangerous conditions it is imposing on the Continuing Care Centres.

Below are the financial reductions it is imposing. The not-for-profit Continuing Care Centres are going to suffer whereas some Private Care Centres are actually going to be financially ahead under the Model.

Old: based on 3.6 paid staff hours daily.
New: based on 2.97 worked staff hours daily.

Old: funded hourly rate provided for worked time plus paid time off work.
(*vacation, statutory holidays, sick time, other paid absences)
New: based on actual worked time only, with factor for paid time off work.
(*experience shows adjustment will not cover costs)

Old: funding based on operator’s actual cost experience for wages and benefits.
New: funding does not reflect higher wages and benefits in labor union contracts.

Old: nursing homes guaranteed not to operate care services at a loss.
New: “no loss” guarantee removed.

In addition to the above the Premier/government has implemented a two bath option for the seniors, the weak, the frail, the handicapped, the disabled, the helpless in the Continuing Care Centres.

A release was made by Mr. John Pray. MBA. President and CEO. to Residents, and to the Families, Guardians, and Caregivers of the seniors, the weak, the frail, the handicapped, the disabled, the helpless of the Millwoods Shepherd’s Care Centre.

The fifth paragraph of this communication is of special interest where it states “ which may affect the staff’s ability to attend to resident-related activities as readily as before such as call bell response, toileting, program attendance, etc.”

This is frightening. Can you picture your loved one suffering from Dementia or other affliction being in a helpless condition in a toilet having no one available to answer a call for help.”