"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."


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BC is where DriveABLE prevails. They have lost control of highway safety,
Photo radar causes political headaches, though it is extremely effective.
The government takes the ICBC surplus, the courts & police remain terribly
underfunded. Crashes, except for anything affecting seniors, are treated only
as a financial issue because police and the courts are crippled. Our Lougheed
Highway going through Maple Ridge is a disaster. RCMP can’t put up speed traps
because traffic is too heavy, too fast, & there is no safe place to pull them over.
So it has been mayhem with lots of fatalities which have never involved a senior.
Four different fiefdoms control highway safety, they can’t work together, & the
whole effort is bogged down in hopeless bureaucracy. This is a place where fraudsters
like Bonnie & Allan Dobbs & the DriveABlE Assessment people, were able to take
over the province. (The DriveABLE assessments of senior drivers, to the tune of
millions of dollars is paid for by government, our tax dollars, even though seniors
are the safest drivers on the road.).
We have our own ISIS taking advantage of the dysfunction.