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DriveABLE madness

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Michelle Mungall MLA Creston, BC
Just the other day I received in my office a letter from Heather Myers,
and she’s telling me the story of her father who was tested. His doctor,
said he was in perfect health and in perfect driving capability & there
should be no reason for the test (DriveABLE). But according to the rules,
he does have to take it. “Fair enough,” said Mr. Myers.
He took the test. The administrators of that DriveABLE test told him that
he did very well, but nonetheless, he was still told to do a road test.
Lucky for Mr. Myers that he was able to do a test on the random day that
it was available in Nelson.

Well, according to him he only made two mistakes, one of which was at a
very tricky intersection in Nelson. Mr. Speaker, if you ever get the
chance to drive around Nelson, you’ll note that many of our intersections
are quite difficult. Anybody of any age has had trouble with this particular
intersection. So it’s not uncommon, and I think that’s a fair point to make.

The second mistake, according to Orvil, was that when he was parked at the
mall, which is one of the few flat places in Nelson, he didn’t put up the e-brake.
These were the two mistakes he made, and as a result he lost his licence.
His daughter now states that she finds DriveABLE totally non-transparent &
completely unaccountable.

HANSARD -B.C. Legislative Assembly, February 27, 2012 – Morning sitting