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Elder abuse and bullying by caregivers

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Good Samaritan Zetter Long Term Care Centre, 9649 71Ave.

 Edmonton, AB. disallows a father to visit his son, a resident at 
Zetter.  This is most painful for the elderly father. 

Friday, June 22/12 was son’s Birthday. Father ordered a cake 
& together with various kinds of fresh fruit, cookies,  gifts, etc. 
arranged for a person to deliver the gifts and Birthday greetings 
to his son.

However, to add insult to injury, ward nursing staff intervened
disallowing the delivery.
The individual with delivery in hand, stood his ground saying
he would not leave until everything was given to the helpless,
handicapped Birthday son.
After about half an hour, much discussion (with allegedly 
overworked caregivers) and an appeal to another supervisor, 
the delivery was finally allowed.