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Elder Abuse Meeting

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On April 29, 1@ 4:00 PM, 17 Alberta citizens met with Dr. David Swann at the Legislative Annex to present to him and others, accounts of dependent adult abuse.
In several instances, the account concerned parents who had been apprehended and the family member did not even know where they were being held.
Each presenter gave a verbal account and then handed Dr. Swann a written account, most of the written presentations also had a photograph of their loved one attached to their account.
There were also additional accounts submitted, where there was no loved one to speak for them, such as the matter of Flora L’Heureux.

Dr. Swann shook our hands and was very cordial.
There were presenters from Edmonton, Wetaskiwin, Edmonton, Calmar, Thorsby, Tofield, Warburg, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park.

There were 19 accounts in total. We had to be moved to a larger Board Room because they did not anticipate how many would come.
It was quite a meeting.
It was quite a task to orchestrate this meeting.

We have heard nothing further from the office of Dr. Swann.


Ruth Maria Adria- Edmonton, AB.

Louis Adria – Edmonton, AB.

Brent Croucher.- Edmonton

Irene Wiens, Tofield, AB.

Kerry Modin, Calmar, AB.

David Doull, Edmonton, AB.

Gordon Stewart, Warburg, AB.

Bill and Mary Pelech, Edmonton, AB.

Theresa Nemeth, Thorsby, AB.

Sheean Cullen – Edmonton, AB.

Bernie Fietz, Wetaskiwin, AB.

Henry Schlogel, Edmonton, AB.

Irene Simpson, Edmonton, AB.

Esther Gehlert, Spruce Grove, AB.

Darlene Kupina RN (et.) – Edmonton

Pastor F. Wilhelm, Sherwood Park, AB.

Joanie Malhomme, Gibbons, AB.

April 29, 2009

VICTIM Ruth Maria Adria Presenter self.

Was sitting with a dying senior at the Lynwood nursing home, his 95 year old wife had gone home. At 2:00 AM, two security guards came and demanded to see her driving licence. They ‘cautioned’ her, told her to call a lawyer.
She was given a Violation ticket for $ 287.00 and a Form that stated she was not to attend at the Lynwood nursing home, the Misericordia Hospital and surrounding area until 2010 – attachments. She was told to leave the dying man, to leave the nursing home.

VICTIM VERA CROUCHER Presenter Son – Brent Croucher.

Vera was frail but living on her own, made her meals, did her own laundry, had homecare 3 X day, social worker visited 1X week. She had named son Brent in a Personal Directive. Large estate involved. Of 4 other children, daughter, who was estranged from the mother, applied to court, was given Guardianship, WITHOUT AN ASSESMENT THAT DECLARED HER INCOMPETENT, A LAWYER OF THE CAPITAL HEALTH AUTHORITY, Mr. Dino McLaughlin, stated to the court that she was ‘over the threshold’, meaning she was incompetent, he had never met her. The guardian then had mother apprehended from home, police also attended and Vera was removed to psych ward at Royal Alex, there she was identified as ‘confidential patient’. Brent did not know where she was nor did her elderly siblings. Brent nor the siblings have seen her since December 2008 or know where she presently is.
We went to visit and were told by information desk that there was no such person at the Royal Alex. Later we determined she was there.

VICTIM -HELEN TIEDEMAN Presenter Irene Wien, Tofield, AB.
Helen lived in Tofield her whole life, had a speech impediment and therefore thought to be handicapped. She was self supporting, worked at the hospital 25 years, responsible for the trays, and even owned a house. She always paid her utilities and taxes. She was incorrectly assessed as incompetent and stripped of all rights and money by Dr. N. Flook and Social Worker Elizabeth Gottschalk, at the Misericordia Hospital. The placement people in Vegreville, did not allow her to return to her house, had her detained in a locked unit in Vegreville. Friends cannot take her out to coffee or to her church. The sister has taken over her property and is also denying her all rights. Helen has no rights.

VICTIM -EMMA KADNAR Presenter Kerry Modin, Calmar, AB.

Emma had no children and her husband was deceased. She named Kerry Modin and another person, husband of a nephew, Personal Directive and Power of Attorney. This was done by a reputable lawyer. She also had Kerry’s name added to her name on the title of her farm.
The involvement of niece and the Salem Manor social worker brought about that Emma Kadnar was declared incompetent. The naming of Kerry in the Personal Directive and Power of Attorney was disregarded and a niece was appointed Guardian by the Court. The Public Trustee was appointed. About a year ago
The Public Trustee made Application to the court to have Kerry’s name removed from the title of her farm. The court acquiesced, his name removed.

VICTIM – ALEXANDER DOULL Presenter David Doull, Edmonton, AB.

Alberta Hospital Edmonton. For some time, David and his mother were only allowed to visit in the presence of a security guard. Now DAVID HAS BEEN TOTALLY BARRED FROM VISITING HIS FATHER AT ALBERTA HOSPITAL.
Wife had been named Personal Directive by Alexander Doull some years ago but PERSONAL DIRECTIVE was disregarded in a court Application made by the daughter and the Public Guardian was appointed.

VICTIM – EMMA FRANK Presenter Ruth Maria Adria
October 22/01 MONDAY 10AM – Court of Queens Bench?(Surrogate Matter) RE: EMMA FRANK Dependent Adult?DA03-5303 Court Room # 418 –
THE PUBLIC TRUSTEE’S OFFICE refused to disclose how much?money has been received by their office regarding the sterilization of?Emma, or fees charged by Law Firm Field, Atkinson and Perraton (Jon?Faulds). Noted in the Statement of Accounts it appears that $56,000.?was received. Most sterilization settlements were completed in November 1999. At?the hearing of July 9/01, Lawyer, Les Hills, Public Trustee, stated that something over?$18,000 had now dribbled in, though this was not included in his?accounting.
At the July 16/01 hearing, Judge Perras (perhaps because there was media?present) stated that in fact there were discrepancies. These accounts would have?been quickly passed in May, had there not been public questioning, scrutiny and?strong opposition.
“Some of the figures with respect to the traveling don’t add up. I can’t?make the two coincide, it’s not just a matter of small amounts, it’s substantial”.

VICTIM – GORDON RAYMOND STEWART , Warburg, AB. Presenter self

Was sterilized under eugenics legislation when he was 14. He said he struggled and tried to fight them off but they gave him an injection and he was sterilized.
He gave POWER OF ATTORNEY to a brother in law over his money who refuses to allow him to see his accounts. He owns a house, two motorcycles, a car. He has now given Power of Attorney to a friend in Drayton Valley but the brother-in-law will not give over the power of Attorney or the money.

VICTIM -PETER MACK Presenter Bill and Mary Pellech, Edmonton, AB.

2006, Peter Mack who was grieving the loss of his wife, mixed pills which were not in a dossette with alcohol. He suffered delerium and was detained at the Royal Alex. The first night he was given a mini- mental test and scored 19/30.
He has been detained behind locked doors for close to three years. This is a horror story of massive proportions. He is not incompetent. He says that he is like a prisoner of war. MOST VISITORS ARE BARRED INCLUDING HIS OLD PASTOR. We are barred by the guardians, his children..

VICTIM – G.A.BRIGGS Presenter Shean Cullen
He had cared for mother for a year. After a court Application by an estranged relative, she was apprehended. He HAS NOT SEEN MOTHER FOR OVER TWO YEARS, DOESN’T KNOW WHERE SHE IS.

VICTIM -JOAN ROGERS – RN (ret) Presenter self
(ill – unable to attend. Will include letter.

VICTIM -MOTHER Presenter Theresa Nemeth, Thorsby, AB.
PERSONAL DIRECTIVE was totally disregarded by the Nursing Home, Salem Manor, Leduc, she was not even called when her mother was dying.

VICTIM -MOTHER Presenter Bernie Fietz, Wetaskiwin, AB.
NAMED POWER OF ATTORNEY AND PERSONAL DIRECTIVE BY MOTHER, OVERTURNED BY COURT AND Public Guardian appointed despite the mother stating to the court she wanted Bernie appointed.
For 17 months she was BARRED FROM VISITING her mother. RCMP WERE CALLED WHEN she was at the unit attempting to see her mother. Mother was moved to long term care and Bernie visits but was recently strongly instructed by Guardian that she can not take mother off the unit because she took the mother to a doctor’s appointment. Attachment.

VICTIM -ERNA SCHOGEL – MOTHER Presenter Henry Schlogel, Edmonton, AB>
He had been given Personal Directive by his mother which had not been enacted.
He was totally disregarded during her care. He tells a documented horror story of rights violations.

VICTIM – EVA PROSKOW – MOTHER Presenter Irene Simpson, Edmonton, AB.
Irene had been grated Guardianship and Trusteeship by her mother. At one point when Irene was dissatisfied by the care of Jubilee Lodge Nursing home, she withheld payment. Without her being notified, her Trusteeship was disregarded, pension cheques were no longer sent to her. SHE WAS BARRED FROM VISITING HER DYING MOTHER (cancer) until 3 weeks before the mother’s death.
When she attended at the nursing home, the police were called and came to remove her. She gives full time care to a wheel chair, dependent husband.

VICTIM -LORRAINE ADOLPH – Presenter Esther Gehlert, Spruce Grove, AB.

Thursday noon, December 4/08, Lorraine Adolph, a certified patient, was last seen leaving Building # 12, Alberta Hospital Edmonton, 17480 Fort Road, for a smoke. She suffered from severe schizophrenia. It was 17 below and -37wind chill. Who unlocked the doors for her to exit the locked unit?
Were the certificates disregarded? She was found one week later, on the hospital grounds, meters from Building @ 12, under a pile of snow.

VICTIM – FLORA L’HEUREUX Presenter Ruth Maria Adria

Floral L’Heureux, a dependent senior, had had a number of assessments but the Public Guardian demanded a further assessment. So Flora arranged to have an assessment by a doctor, professor of Gerontology, U.of A.
This assessment recommended that she be moved from the nursing home to a “less restrictive level of care”.
The Public Guardian rejected that assessment and disallowed her to move but demanded yet another assessment. During this period Flora herself, arranged an assessment with an eminent Edmonton Gerontologist, Dr. David Skelton, who gave her a clean cognitive Bill of Health. The Public Guardian rejected this assessment and asked for an assessment from a General Practitioner physician who, without conducting a formal assessment, issued a Form I which when filed in the court again denied her all her rights. The accompanying Affidavit evidenced that the physician had carried out no assessment.
Flora was administered contraindicated medications while under the care of the Public Guardian (Zyprexa)
Despite attending Norquest College, on November 6, 2008
Lawyer, Pat Henderson, Alberta Justice, stated to the court:
“There is no evidence of capacity”.
and Henderson also said: ”I’ll never let her go”.
She never did. Flora died in the nursing home.
The Public Guardian denied her the right to see and read her assessments, there was no disclosure.

VICTIM – Mother & Father Presenter Darlene Kupina RN ret.
States there is no choice for seniors.
Personal Directive of Mother disregarded.

VICTIM – MARTHA MATICH Presenter Pastor F. Wilhelm, Sherwood Park, AB.

This matter started in 1996, When a lawyer filed an untruthful affidavit at Land Titles, placing a lien against her property. Successive Affidavits were based on an unsigned Driving Report and a letter from Dr. Chris Lord who did not say she was incompetent. The court accepted this perjury. They took away Martha’s rights. This account continues in the courts. The goddaughter has spent close to $200,000. on the matter.

In the 90’s, the court ordered that Martha, an 84 year old, 80 lb. senior was to be assessed. When the Psychologist arrived at her home, she strongly instructed him: Leave! Get off my steps! Out of my yard! And called after him that she did not need a doctor. He left.
If the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act proceeds, seniors will be in contempt of court if they do not give entrance to an assessor. Police may be called to enforce the court order.