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Elder Drivers being discriminated Against by the Ontario Government

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Some seven years ago I began researching why the elder drivers were being subjected to special testing when they reach 80 years of age, despite being healthy and having a good driving record, covering many years.

I researched all of the major studies on elder drivers from England, Australia , Canada and the United States which consistently found that the elderly drivers were not a problem but on the contrary, expressed as being the safest age group on the roads. The Ontario Government’s own records at that time indicated the same. Elderly Drivers are self regulating and will stop driving on their own. E.G. many will not drive at night, some will not drive in the rain or in high traffic areas and many drive fewer kilometers each year, and finally give up their licences on their own. All of this is documented.

I took all of this evidence to my MPP at the time Randy Hillier in Perth Ontario and, when he saw all of the evidence, agreed that it was discriminatory. At this time the Progressive Conservative Government was in opposition. My MPP made his Chief of Staff available to me at all times, started a petition on his website, and raised this issue in the Provincial House of Parliament. It was ignored by the Liberal Government of the day, and of course you, the Progressive Conservatives were in opposition. YOU ARE NOW THE GOVERNMENT.

I have supplied literally reams of evidence to your party in opposition, and to the Liberals who were in power at the time, but the Liberals refused to rescind the program.


The social damage is extensive. Health Canada advises that many of our people reside in rural communities where public transportation is not available, and when an elderly person loses their licence, they are cut off from the community , become depressed, turn to alcoholism and some lead to suicide.

Under the Law, Doctors must report those they feel should not be driving for health reasons. Although this should apply to any driver at any age, seniors are being targeted and many now will not share their problems with the doctor for fear of losing their licence (Loss of doctor patient relationship). The seniors fears are legitimate, as doctors are using the Mini Montreal Cognitive Dementia test on the seniors , and some without being notified by their doctor as to why , and this test is known to give 50% false positives.


1. They have had their Rights of Discrimination taken away from them under the Canadian Rights and Freedoms Act, which is supposed to be undeniable.

2. They have been Violated under the Criminal Code of Canada, under the section of Elder Abuse.

3 They have been stripped of their Rights under the Ontario Health Act , which states that no medical procedure may be carried out on a patient without their consent. When they are forced to take a peripheral eye test and a humiliating dementia test once they turn 80, these are medical procedures. And if that is not bad enough, these tests are conducted by laymen.

4. And last but not least, this Law violates the corner stone of our Justice System that states, “ THAT ALL PERSONS ARE PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY’’.

Reams of evidence has been supplied to both the Conservative Party and the Liberals when they were in Government, so I will not be supplying it here, however, all of this evidence is available to the public on our website; STOPELDERDRIVERABUSE.CA .

I ask you, do you lack the same Character, Ethics, honesty and openness that you have accused the Liberals of being”? If not, you have no option than to make this right.

Sincerely ;

Mr. Ed. Rockburne, RCMP , Sgt. Retired.

PH. (613) 320-0147. Maitland Ontario.