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Exploring Long Term Care Accommodation Fees

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>>> This is the home of two seniors
> Income paid by the seniors for this space is $2, 944.00 a month
> Annually $35, 328.00

>>> This senior lives behind the pink curtain next to the window.
> The area of her home measures 7′ x 11′
>> The 2 ladies from that room share the toilet room with two other seniors, 4 to a toilet-> The toilet room measures about 6′ x 8′.


>>> The above room is part of this small hallway, total of 12 rooms.
> 12 Rooms and 24 seniors.
>> There are:
> Two 4 person rooms – $11,160.00
> Four private rooms $6, 800.00
> Six semi-private rooms $27,664.00
>> Monthly income from small hallway $35, 624.00
>> Annual income from small hallway $427, 488.00
>> Based on that small hallway, a building of 120 senior patients

> would gross $2,137,440.00
>> It must be understood that the nurses, the care aides, the

> nursing care, is all paid by Canada Health Care.
>> The over 2M pays for the space the senior lives in and the

> food those frail elderly eat or often don’t eat .
>> Lucrative rental business.
>>> We allege that seniors are being unlawfully detained, in active

> treatment hospitals, mental hospitals, long term care facilities;
>> seniors who could be at home or elsewhere. We have such

>> documented accounts from across the province. The powers>> that be, are keeping the beds filled because it is big business

>> ( but at a horrific cost to us, the tax payer).
>> This is difficult to believe but is a story that we have been trying to tell for some time.>>>>>>>>> ELDER CARE IS BIG BUSINESS AND THE ELDERLY ARE THE COMMODITY