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1)  An Edmonton based physician, attended at the Radway
 Long Term Care Center & prescribed a neuroleptic drug 
for a patient whom he did not first go to interview, assess 
or see nor did he ever  go to see her. He had no record of 
having prescribed the drug for Mrs. Schlogel.
He prescribed the drug  on the recommendation of a psychiatrist
located in St. Paul, AB. 
The psychiatrist also had never assessed or even seen the patient, 
to whom she  recommended the drug.  
The prescribed medication, Zyprexa, (Olanzapine) is contraindicated 
for elderly dementia patients & has a Health Care Advisory from Health 
Canada & black box warning that it is not approved for such patients.**

Furthermore, June 2010,  Canadian courts approved a $17.6 million 
settlement in a class-action lawsuit launched by individuals who 
became diabetic after taking an antipsychotic drug.The settlement with 
Eli Lilly, manufacturer of Zyprexa, was announced June 30, 2010. 
It stems from allegations that the drug giant failed to warn about risks 
of severe weight gain, diabetes, hyperglycemia and pancreatitis. Erna 
Schlogel suffered from diabetes.
Her attending physician had full knowledge of the psychiatrist’s recommendation 
of the contraindicated drug but did not prescribe the Zyprexa.
The family was not apprised that this medication had been prescribed or
Furthermore, both, prescribing physician & psychiatrist, failed to counsel 
patient & caregivers to immediately report signs of potential CVAEs 
such as sudden weakness or numbness in the face, arms or legs, 
and speech or vision problems.
After 48 days of medication, the senior did evidence strong 
CVA symptoms.

According to the The Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties: 
The Canadian Drug Reference for Health Professionals, (CPS),  
Zyprexa (Olanzapine) has no proven benefit to elderly dementia patients.

2)  The head nurse of the Radway Care Centre told the Inquiry,  that after Mrs. 
Schlogel had been diagnosed to have Norwalk virus, no chart entries were made in the 
patient’ file for an entire week.  No record of Intake and out put had been  recorded. 
The inquiry was also told, that 5 days after Mrs. Schlogel had been suffering with 
diarrhea and vomitting, a staff nurse administered a laxative without a doctor’s order. 

3)  Another Smoky Lake physician who signed the Death Certificate & cited a cause of death, 
yet had never interviewed / assessed Mrs Schlogel or ever saw her prior to 
death or after death. At no time did he view or identify the body. He informed the Inquiry 
that he could not recall the nursing staff who had called him concerning the decedent.
**Eli Lilly Canada Inc., following discussions with Health Canada, would like
to inform you of important new safety information pertaining to 
cerebrovascular adverse events, that have occurred in elderly patients with 
dementia-related psychosis treated with ZYPREXA (olanzapine) in clinical trials. 
ZYPREXA is not approved for use in elderly patients with dementia-related