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Government expropriates rights, freedom, assets

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60-year-old Jean Wilder – held by health authorities in care facility

A 60-year-old wife and mother of two in B.C., Canada is being held

against her and her family’s will. She was transferred to a 

residential care facility in February 2012 to recuperate from 

surgical complications because the health authority said there 

were no other places or services available. Jean Yukiko Wilder 

has been denied access to her family and to a lawyer, and has 

had her real estate assets placed under government control.

Incredibly, all of this is being done without due process, without 

formal notification to Jean Wilder or her family and, above all, 

with no explanation or justification. Her family, husband Curtis 

Wilder, daughter Trina Wilder and her partner Marc Normand, and 

son Tim Wilder, are reeling from their bewildering and frightening

 experience, and have tried everything they can to correct the situation. 

To date authorities have refused information and imposed severe 

restrictions on Jean Wilder’s rights and freedom.   April 26, 2012