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Government non-response

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Dear People:

The following is the response I received from the Health Minister.

She has now moved into automated response. Sometime ago there was no response automated or otherwise.

“Thank you for your correspondence. Minister Hoffman appreciates that you have taken the time to write and values your comments greatly. We understand that this issue is important to you and want to assure you that the Minister will provide response. Thank you in advance for your patience.”

I take it that now with the automated response her office can now claim to have responded to all communications. Smart political move since absence of communication response was one of their major failings.
Further they assure a response to the communication. I won’t hold my breath since one assured response from her office once took many, many months. I doubt whether I will receive a response before the next election.
By the way if you have read to this point in this communication I would like to mention that over the years I never receive a response to any of my communications copied to you all.

This is very disheartening so I am asking that if you would rather not hear from me please let me know. Continuing Care and especially the Long-Term Care part is in serious trouble and the future is not bright.

The NDP is a lost cause in this regard. Perhaps any of you in positions of “influence” might do well to reach out to other parties to bring this to their attention before the next election.

Regards to you all.

Dr. Edward S. Redshaw.