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Lisa Goltman, Fatality Inquiry

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Fatality Inquiry – September 6, 2016 – Assault and decease,
Lisa Goltman, age 22 years, Alberta Hospital Edmonton

Dr. Elizabeth Brooks-Lim, Assistant Chief Medical Examiner
testified to the court.
Dr. Brooks-Lim testified that she believed the cause of death
to be Mycarditis.
Stated that it is difficult to diagnose and is not common.
Dr. Anny Sauvageau, Former Chief Medical Examiner, had previously
informed the Inquiry that it was necessary to perform a
Lymphocyte count in order to determine an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Brooks-Lim informed Dr. Michael Mengel, who also was to
carry out research into the cause of death of Lisa Goltman,
that she found the diagnosis to be Myocarditis.
She informed the court that seizure death was irrelevant because
of diagnosis of Myocarditis.
When cross examined, informed court, positional restraint also
not cause of death and concurred there was no evidence of coronary
Though testifying that further testing could have been done to
determine the cause of death, Dr. Brooks-Lim again informed the
court that she believed Myocarditis to be the cause of death
of Lisa Goltman. 06/09.16