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Long term care elder abuse

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On May 16, 2012 the Long-Term Care Task Force on Resident Care 

and Safety in Ontario released a 

report explaining what actions 

will be taken to protect seniors in residential care facilities from 

abuse by staff. The Task Force was created last fall in the wake 

of extensive investigations by the Toronto Star newspaper. 

The Star’s team were shocked to discover that

 “seniors in Ontario nursing homes are beaten, neglected and even 

raped by the people hired to care for them,” and that “residents 

were hit or verbally abused by staff, or other residents. Others 

were given one diaper for an eight-hour shift, leaving them in 

urine-soaked clothes or beds.” 

There were more than 3,200 incidents in 2011 alone. Among theStar’s 

other significant findings are a failure by nursing homes to report incidents, 

and the preparation of “sanitized” incident reports.