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Lorraine Adolph, Fatality Inquiry – 1st. Day

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December 4/08, 11:00 AM, the day that Lorraine Adolphe was

 let out for a smoke, the temperature was -18 dropping down to -25 
with a heavy wind chill of -35.

A testifying constable cited “icy roads, poor visibility, heavy snow, 
driving and poor walking – see only 100 meters in front of you”.
Police who arrived after 15:30 hours were assured by security, that  
a thorough ground search had been done.
Security personnel testified that no ground search had been initiated 
until 21:30,  hours after Lorraine Adolph had been missing. Their testimony
 indicated very little outdoor walking had been done by security out in the 
blustery weather.
One security personnel told the Inquiry  that he did not like to walk out 
in the snow in the dress shoes & dress pants ,which he was required to wear.

Another, when asked why she did not  search around Building # 11 responded,  
because “snow would have gone into my boots”.  They were equipped 
with smaller Maglite flashlights.  Security personnel were contracted by 
Alberta Health Services. 

Police Helicopter, ‘Air One’ was not airborne over Alberta Hospital grounds, 
until 12:30 AM, December 5/08 due to poor weather conditions. The ‘Air One’, 
equipped with a heat sensor, can detect heat & therefore, find a person who 
might not be discovered from the ground. 
That early morning, ‘Air One’ had negative results.