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LTC untenable, Edward Redshaw

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From: Dr. Edward S. Redshaw
2034-198 Street
Alberta. T6J5T7

To: Chief Administrator of a Facility

Dear Madam/Sir:

My name is Dr: Edward S. Redshaw. My mother-in-law, Mildred Silvera, 96 years of age
with Dementia, and my brother-in-law, Bernard Silvera,77 years of age, seriously
mentally and physically challenged are residents in Millwoods Shepherd’s Care
Centre where they have been for 3 years and 11 years respectively.

Over the years I have observed, at first hand, the DETERIORATION of QUALITY OF CARE
provided to the VULNERABLE, VOICELESS, my loved ones, by OVERWORKED,
overwhelmed CARE WORKERS trying to do their utmost in this regard. They are stymied
at every turn by funding and other limitations imposed by the Alberta Health Services.

On May 15, 2008, Ron Liepert, Progressive Conservative Health Minister, announced
the creation of Canada’s first province wide, fully integrated health system
“Alberta Health Services (AHS)”.

Starting April 1, (Appropriately All Fools Day since we were all deceived) 2009,
The AHS implemented the Patient Care Based Funding Program (PCBF) for Long-Term
Care (LTC) funding.

Shortly after the Alberta PCBF program was reviewed by The Centre for Health
Services and Policy Research. The result of the Review showed that the PCBF program
was flawed and put forward 27 recommendations to be considered. It appeared that,
these were ignored and the AHS maintained the PCBF as implemented. The deterioration
in quality care to residents commenced. There were staff and benefits reductions,
increased facilities non-compensated operating overhead through wage settlements,
mandatory staff educational standard requirements, imposition of the two bath
requirement, and so on.

In May, 2015, the NDP assumed power in Alberta. They inherited the PCBF program.
Various attempts have been made by several of us: The Elder Advocates of Alberta
Society, Alberta Continuing Care Association, Alberta Association of Seniors Helping
Seniors, John Pray, CEO and President of Shepherd’s Care Foundation, and others.
Individual activists such as myself have published letters in the media, sent
numerous correspondence to the Premier, Health Minister, MLA’s and so on. No
response. My MLA, Richard Feehan tried to intercede on my behalf. He was likewise
ignored by the Health Minister. There are personal activists here in Alberta who
have been banned from LTC facilities for speaking out and are even now facing
lawsuits initiated by facilities. A very sad situation.

The SITUATION NOW IS: With the creation of LEVEL 4, which requires human souls
to be in need of 24 hours complex care before being eligible for LTC, the LTC
facilities have essentially been converted into Palliative Care facilities.
With residents now requiring an ongoing demanding levels of care, the workloads
and stress levels of care workers in LTC facilities have increased dramatically.

AHS HAS BECOME AN ENTITY TO ITSELF. and it would appear that the Health Minister
has lost total control of the situation. AHS is now the LARGEST GOVERNMENT EMPLOYER
in Alberta having over 108,000 employees. As was said about Dr. John Cowell when
he was appointed boss of AHS “All the bigshots of AHS, that bloated, out of touch,
arrogant outfit infected with a sense of entitlement, a successor to other bloated,
out of touch arrogant outfits, now answer to a man who criticized them for how they
operated and suggested better.”
CONTINUING CARE in Alberta is FUNDED 21% LESS than the national average. RESIDENTS
of LTC facilities are now regarded by the Health Minister and AHS AS DISPOSABLE,
discardable liabilities NOT WORTH BEING FUNDED sufficiently to ensure them a dignity
of life that they have earned.

I feel that it is time for all the Long-Term Care Facilities to UNITE AS A COALITION
and make it absolutely clear to the Premier, Health Minister and AHS that the CURRENT
SITUATION IS UNACCEPTABLE and untenable. The PCBF has to be completely overhauled
to ensure our voiceless, vulnerable residents receive the quality of care they deserve.

I will be mailing this correspondence to as many of the Long-Term Care Facilities as
I am able.
I am asking that you respond to me by E-Mail at:

1) Whether you are satisfied or unsatisfied with the current funding to your
2) Whether or not you would be prepared to be a member of a Coalition to make
representations to the Premier, Health Minister and AHS regarding the restoration
of appropriate funding and other necessaryconsiderations to Long-Term Care Facilities.

This is a very disastrous situation and I trust my request will receive your most
serious consideration.

Yours truly,