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Media Information: Senior Missing for Four Years

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Court of Queens Bench, Surrogate Court
611 5 St SW
Calgary, AB
Monday, October 26, 2009 @ 2:00 PM
Next Hearing: February 5, 2010, 2:00 PM

Application for Trusteeship & Guardianship: Senior Missing for Four Years
On September 16, 2004, Elisabeth Liesje Bontane, the 89 year old mother of Elizabeth Fielding failed to return home from her daily attendance at the Kirby Center Daycare Program. It would be four years before Ms. Fielding would see her mother again.

Ms. Fielding was not given information or served any documents by the Kirby Center. She made endless inquiries, filed a police report, retained a lawyer but was stonewalled in her efforts to find her mother. In 2008, experiencing great distress and anguish, she was directed to contact the Office of the Public Guardian. Upon giving the date of birth of her mother to the receptionist, the receptionist identified a resident at the Glenmore Beverly Center 1729 – 90 Ave. SW, to be her mother.

When Ms. Fielding was reunited with her mother, she found that mother no longer had her upper teeth, her hearing device or her name, Elizabeth Liesje Bontane. The name on the door of her mother’s room, clothing and belongings was LESLIE KWONG. Her mother had been renamed.

Monday, Ms. Fielding is applying for the guardianship and trusteeship of her mother.

The Public Trustee and Public Guardian had obtained trusteeship and guardianship of Elisabeth Liesje Bontane, without notice to family members, despite, Ms. Fielding having been the legally appointed Agent named in her mother’s Personal Directive and Power of Attorney since February 29, 2001.

Mr. Allan Garber LL.B, Parlee McLaws, Edmonton, AB.
Counsel for the Applicant will be present to address these issues.

MEDIA LINK: CityTV Calgary Coverage

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