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Moving Continuing Care Centres Forward: Concept Paper dated June 2012

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This document is essentially a rehash of previous papers
put forward by government.
The paper again emphasizes a strong direction towardsassisted living facilities which in themselves are valuable
but fail to provide appropriate care & services to frail,
dependent elderly & handicapped.
Furthermore, these facilities are not under the jurisdiction
of the Nursing Homes Act & therefore the requirementfor professional nurses & standards do not have to be met.
A “dumbing down” protocol is being encouraged.A 12 1/2 % vacancy exists across the province in assisted
living facilities.
In S. Alberta, where this concept was introduced a decade
ago, older seniors who were then placed in DAL’s are now
suffering because their care needs can no longer be met.
Staffing levels & trained caregivers are inadequate.
Sadly our government has failed to provide the next levelof necessary care.
Alberta Health needs to understand that we do not requiremore visionary papers and rhetoric. Through the years, we
have heard it all.
Across the province, 100’s of seniors continue to languish inactive treatment beds. Other Alberta seniors are being housedin inappropriate, inadequate care.
We, implore our government to immediately provide the necessarycare beds & trained professional staff necessary for the care of thevery elderly, ill senior Albertans of this province.