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NL Presumed Consent

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New Dutch organ donation law will apply to everyone officially registered in NL

It is legal in the Netherlands for doctors and psychiatrists to lethally inject the sick, disabled, elderly, and mentally ill who ask to die.

It is not legal for them to kill patients who have not repeatedly asked to die.

But that happens anyway, and not rarely. Various studies come up with different numbers, but it seems safe to say that hundreds of patients – 431 in 2015 – are killed each year non-voluntarily, which in Dutch euthanasia-speak is called “termination without request or consent.”

Technically, that’s murder under Dutch law, but so what? I know of no case in which any meaningful sanction was imposed on a doctor who

And now, in 2020 the Dutch are going to institute a “presumed consent” law, meaning that everyone is legally an organ “donor “ unless they explicitly opt out.

Adapted from Dutch News 14/02/18