"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

Our tax dollars: Our health care dollars.

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We have learned that 1,835 seniors are waiting for long term care beds. 

It  has been publicly stated that across the province, at least 500 seniors, who have 

been declared as requiring long term care (LTC), are being detained in active treatment 
beds. We believe that estimate to be low because of the many calls that we receive 
concerning seniors being detained in hospitals against their will.
One must question why this is being allowed to happen when there are not enough beds 
to accommodate ill Albertans.

Hospitalized seniors are made to pay the LTC fee of approximately $1,500.00. Since 
the senior pays the $1,500, is the Canada Health payment of (approximately) 
$5,000.00 made to the active treatment hospital just as the payment would be paid
 if that senior were in actual LTC? After all, they are LTC patients, who are allegedly in care. 

This “senior money”, is money, paid on top of  the funding that an active treatment hospital 
receives for every patient.
Consider that 500 seniors are held in active treatment beds, over $3M a month and close to $40M 
a year is paid to government or somebody.  If a thousand seniors occupy active treatment 
beds, monies 80M  or more annually, enrich the coffers of someone.

The hospitalized seniors receive non-care.