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Police Officer Jack Redlick

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February 2010, Edmonton Police Constable Jack Redlick viciously
beat a handcuffed man, Kasimierz Kozina,. No action was taken
by his superiors.
He and two other plainclothes officers viciously beat a handcuffed
man while he was down. It was observed and reported, by former
Edmonton Police Officer, Derek Huff: “They basically had their
knees on his back and were just punching and kicking him just as
hard as they could …six fists just pummeling this guy … I could
hear him screaming,”

July 2013, Constable Jack Redlick beat a man named George Petropoulos
who had been picked up by Redlick and his partner on suspicion of
a domestic incident with his mother.
According to the police report from Petropoulos, Redlick undid his
handcuffs, kicked his feet out when Petropoulos swung and then hit
him several times in the lower back. Petropoulos also stated that
Redlick told him this was not the first time he had taken matters
into his own hands. Redlick was handed a one year demotion —
a $15,000 drop in salary.

Fatality Inquiry Edmonton, March 10, 2014 – The Inquiry was told
that Police Officer, Jack Redlick shot Cyrus Green, 17, three
times near the Coliseum LRT Station on Feb. 5, 2011. Toxicology
results showed Green was over the legal limit for driving, was
intoxicated and also had marijuana in his system
The teenager armed with a baseball bat and a knife confronted
two armed policemen, Det. Andrew Larson and Constable Jack Redlick.
They reported to the Inquiry, that after he was shot and lying in
the alley, they “flipped” the mortally wounded teen over, the
defiant, dying injured Green said they should shoot him again.
Following the gunfire, the injured teen was taken to hospital
where he died of multiple gunshot wounds to the chest.
Cyrus’s mother, Carol Green said: They didn’t even negotiate
with him and that’s not fair.”