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Proposed Registry Act

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Registry Act

A Registry shall be established by Government that requires that all restricted visiting orders  or orders to ban be registered with a Provincial Registry

That when a person has been issued a restricted visiting order or a banning order by personnel of an active treatment Hospital, Nursing Home, Auxiliary Hospital, Mental Hospital or Group Home or other care facility that houses vulnerable adults, the subject Order must be immediately registered with the Registry.

The Registration must include

1) the full name of the person who is given a restricted visiting order  or a banning order.

2) the name, address and professional status of the person who issued the restricted visiting order  or the banning order.

3)  the time &  location / address where the restricted visiting order  or the banning order was issued.

4) the reason for the restricted visiting order  or the banning order was issued.

5)  the circumstances surrounding the restricted visiting order  or the banning order.

6)  signature of person who issued the restricted visiting or  banning order.

7) a signature by an Administrator or CEO of the facility at which the restricted visiting order  or banning order was issued.

8) a copy of the Order shall be issued to the person whose visiting is being restricted or who is being banned.

A restricted visiting order or a banning order shall not come into effect until the subject Order has been fully registered with the Registry.

Failure to comply with this Act shall be deemed an offence and subject to a Fine of not more than $5,000.

A copy of this Act shall be posted at all care facilities.

The Registry shall be open and readily available to the Public at all times.