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Recommendations & Observations For Better Care in Elder Care Facilities

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Government needs to do proper audits and require more of the nursing home.

– Check if doctor’s Order are being carried out –
wound care.
check over patients whole body for skin problems.

– Government publishes that high needs patients can
get up to 8 hours a day direct care – or even more than 8. This is not happening.

– Some homes have diaper changing polices-
won’t be changed until 75% full.
Geriatric doctor told me that they should be checked every 2 hours and if even a little urine or stool, that it should be changed to prevent skin breakdown and UTI’s.

– Monitor if patients are being offered and helped with fluids and food, adequately hydrated.

Patients left in wheelchair from AM to PM with no re-positioning or diaper checks/changes.

– Monitor staff if knowledgeable about wheelchair instructions. Recommendations & Observations

– Monitor if the sling is proper size and used according to instructions.

Overcrowding – two residents in a small room

– Outbreak policies. Causing a healthy elder go to eat in a room full of sick people.

Room temperatures – not acceptable. Heat is off when it is really cold. No fans provided for hot days.

– No meet and greet with a doctor assigned to patient.

– If family expresses concerns, management comes down hard and threatens to ban, etc.

– No catheter holding options except one, that some people are allergic to. No leg bands!

Lack of supplies (gloves, barrier cream, towels, etc.)

Wound care carried out by untrained aide, someone hired off the street)

– The government UTI information tracking sheet indicates that there should be a fever.
Well, many seniors (especially with neurological problems) don’t get a fever even if they are really sick.

– Urine UTI dipsticks not available.

– Should have rapid flu test. My family was so sick and nothing was done – no swab for flu, no UTI testing, no lung x-ray
(the doctor said he should have a lung x-ray but it would not be possible to order it in)

– Home did not have
– phlegm mouth suction machine
– no bladder scanner.

Severe Understaffing. Two nurses for over 50 patients.
– Health care Aides (HCA) ‘s have about 10 residents each (and they have to help their partner for the residents that need 2 HCA’s)

– Staff are unaware of placement of a turning/booster sheet and unaware of how to use it.

– No body re positioning.

– No limb movement.

– No bowel protocol. My family member was getting suppositories every 3 days for years until we found out that peg worked. But they gave him way too much peg.

– Paper towels (rough) used to clean residents.

– Double dipping into a wash basin.

Emptying urine bottle into patient sink..

– Patients not cleaned properly i.e. stool in groins.

– Not keeping doctors in formed of all the symptoms of resident.

Shauna N.