"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

Revera, Bow – Crest, Calgary

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My grandfather passed away a year ago.

He was in Revera Bow- Crest, Calgary (previously Brenda Strafford Bow View)

Some of my concerns are as follows:

– the diaper has to be 75% full before changing it.

– leaving him in a wheelchair up to 6 hours at a time – some people sit in the chair all day.

– not spending proper time to fed.

– placing him in a sling that was too small (he was not measured for a sling) and caused bruises and letting him sit on it (even though manufacture instructions say not to sit on it).

– not re-positioned.

– broken bed that slammed down.

– not given regular showers

-not knowing how to use a turning sheet, sling, wheelchair.

– not sitting him proper in a wheelchair.

– saying he was stable when he was not.

– dirty room. Roommates urine bottle left full for hours and used catheter supplies left in room, etc Curtains never washed, floor dirty, etc.

– after not liking his doctor, management didn’t get my side. Doctor discharged him and wrote me up so that no other doctor will take us (but a doctor did end up taking us).

– missed & dressing wound treatments.

– noise that scared him from different sources including construction.

– not keeping rooms at proper temperatures.

– hydration is a problem for all residents. Also eating for some.

– double dipping washcloth into wash basin.

– I’ve seen many times were elderly resident’s oxygen had run out.

– the government (AHS) told me that heavy residents can get up to 8 hours of care or more. He needed this but didn’t get it. HCA ratio about 9-10 per aide (and then they have to help their partner for 2 person lifts), 2 nurses for over 50 residents.

– building security – none.

– only one way to secure catheter on leg at Bow Crest. He was allergic and they didn’t have any other sticker or leg band.

– not checking the diaper for tightness when sitting up. Not checking privates for men (to make sure they aren’t sitting on privates).

– not knowing that some seniors don’t show a fever anyone – even when really sick.

– no mouth phlegm suction at Bow View.

– medication confusion during palliative stage. Missed doses.

– no bladder scanner at Bow View.

– management rude and abusive towards me and him.

– HCA’s don’t have to be trained in a school. Places can just hire people they think are competent and are supposed to train them.

– some nurses refusing to call a doctor. Some say leaving a note is good enough – if they remember to leave a note.

– diaper tabs are sharp and if pulled through on skin, can scratch. Diaper tabs should be ripped off before removing the diaper.

I am trying to join the Class Action Law Suit against Revera.

Shauna 04/05/19