"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."



We are calling for a Public Inquiry in regard to the way people, primarily seniors,are being assessed for competency.We are challenging a severely flawed process that has existed for over 50 yrs.
A physician, has a powerful quasi-judicial position in society by virtue of the relianceon his assessments by the judicial system,in that his assessment can lead to thedetaining of lawful citizens behind locked doorsand removal of property and human rights.
The current standards required for a physician in the performance of his assessmentare not well defined.We believe that if the judiciary is to rely on a physician’s assessment, specific standardsand criteriamust be developed for the exercise and documentation of a physician’sassessment.These should include cross examination of the physician & documentation/affidavittestimony which outlines the process which was followed as well as practicalavenuesfor appeal and review of that assessment.THE JUDICIARY, WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE, ARE RELYING ON AN OPINIONTHAT IS NOT WELL SUPPORTED.Seniors are being abused through the process that declares them incompetent to lookafter their finances and personal decisions.
We are calling for:1) hearings across the province of persons who have been victimized bya processthat has no safe, measurable guidelines to ensure a fair, ethical assessment.Hearings toinclude thoseAlberta citizens who are detained behind locked doors who wishto be heard.The public needs to understand the magnitude of this issue.
2) establish legislated criteria &standards togovern the assessment protocol,that recognizes constitutional rights and theCharter of Rights and Freedoms
3) establish practical avenues of accessible, appeal protocol.
4) establish penalties for those who are in breach of legislation.
5) a definitive time line in regard to these undertakings.