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Dora Cinciruk: Locked away unlawfully against her will

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Dora was an independent tax paying citizen, always paid her utilities, was never involved in criminal activities, loved her home, enjoyed planting a large garden. Last October, she injured her foot.

In November, 2009, she entered the U of A Hospital, never again allowed to return to her home. While at the hospital for treatment, a doctor gave her a capacity test which she failed. She didn’t understand why these questions were asked. She is illiterate of the English language and her spoken English is in simple words. No interpreter was present. Some weeks later she was assessed again by another doctor who also gave her a failing grade. She was diagnosed with irreversible dementia and taken to Norwood and placed in a locked unit. She is illiterate and yet managed to function well in society.

She was never served any documents, which according to law, she should have been. On one occasion when she and her son went to the nursing desk to request the documents that were keeping her there, security was called.. Security was on hand when 80 lb Dora was moved from the U of A Hospital to the Norwood.

“How can the government allow this to be done to me? I worked hard all my life and was not a burden to anyone. I did not steal, cheat or murder anyone. I paid all my debts. I was a good citizen.”
She is now confined to a hovel at the Norwood Care Center, a space 6’1/2 ‘ by 11’, and that’s a generous estimation. She cannot retain a lawyer because she has no access to her carefully saved dollars. A pro-bono lawyer is attempting to help her to extricate herself from this mess.

She does her laundry in the sink in a bathroom that she shares with four people. She hangs her clothes over the bedrail to dry.

She is not allowed to attend Mass. She is detained like a maximum security prisoner.


A sign outside Dora’s room restricting access.

Complaint made to the Edmonton Police Service

RE: Elder Abuse of Eudokia (Dora) Cinciruk
7111 79 St Edmonton, AB T6C 2N4

ATTN: Gerry-Lee Canning
Please note as per discussion with you over the phone, my mother Eudokia (Dora) Cinciruk went to a hospital to have plastic surgery done.

Before the operation my mother gave to Anne Wegner the following items to keep for her while she was having surgery : her keys, bank book and other papers and $1000.00 cash. After surgery my mother asked for the items back but was refused by Anne Wegner. When questioned by me about the items she lied and said she did not have anything Also Gared Wegner was asked if he had the house keys and said he did not yet the invoice for the waste bin. Before I was told about the meeting I met a social worker who said she was a friend of my sister Anne and had dealt with my mother; would be asking for another social worker to replace her due to a conflict of interest the replacement was Gab V in the burn unit.


I was called for a family meeting at the hospital. While at this meeting my brother and sisters made all kinds of falsehoods and exaggerations about me and my mother. My Brother said my mother was delusional and should be locked up in a ward with no way out. He also made all kinds of other unfounded statements that I was a crook : I do not have a criminal record and ran an electrical contracting business for approximately 20 years before I became physically disabled from three car accidents.

My niece said that my mother was starving and that they would bring her food : which was not the least bit true; my mother had food stored in the kitchen, living room basement cold room and another area of the basement on top of that she went shopping on a regular basis: they took and threw all her food out and this is evidenced by the bin invoice and with pictures taken and by me opening up the garbage bags. They had also made some statements about being in my mothers house and taking all her cash she kept in the house. this was before the certificate of incompetency was signed by Dr. Craig Bucholtz on December 07 and no trustee or guardian was appointed by court where they said my mother was mentally incompetent and required 24 hr care.


This was a shock to me and I did not know what was going on. At this meeting with my brothers and sisters and there children the doctor said my mother was incompetent. however when I wanted to find out more information about this nobody returned any of my calls .However after talking with my mom on a daily basis and visiting her I and others two Catholic priests Father Tarsenko 780 —— and Prisila Edwards (UA Hospital catholic Priest ——) came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with my mother – she just needs someone to assist her with her housework.

I want Anne Wegner & Gared Wegner and the others charged with theft and any other breach of the law which they can be charged. My mother wants me to be the contact person in this matter and I can be reached at 780 ——- and my email is —@gmail.com. Please email me back to confirm that you have received this email-thanks in advance.

“An 86-year-old Edmonton woman will get a new competency assessment after she was forced into a nursing home based on a competency test done in a language she didn’t understand, a judge has ordered.” –Winnipeg Free Press

Human Rights Complaint




We, the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society


Capital Care Norwood Care Center

Alleging that since December 28, 2009, until the present, the Norwood Care Centre has contravened the right of Dora Cinciruk to practice her religious beliefs and attend Mass.

Dora Cinciruk is resident at the Capital Care Norwood.


We have been informed that this 86 year old lady is being detained pursuant to the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act.

Mrs. Cinciruk is a Canadian Citizen and therefore has inherent rights. Nevertheless, those detaining her have sharply suspended and curtailed her civil and Charter rights.

Dated at Edmonton, AB August 5, 2010.

This Statement is true to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize the Alberta Human Rights Commission to investigate the above mentioned complaint and take whatever steps it considers necessary to effect settlement of the said complaint.

Police Complaint

Police Complaint (EAAS)


May 24, 2010

Complaint to the Edmonton Police Service
Re: Jared Wegner

Theft from Dora (Eudokia) Cinciruk 7111 79 Street, Edmonton, AB T6C 2N4.

Attention: Constable Jared Buhler

Elder Abuse intervention Team

Jared Wegner, rented an 8′ x 8′ x 24′, three ton dumpster and without the consent or knowledge of Dora (Eudokia) Cinciruk, had it placed in her back yard at 7111 79 Street.

Then using Mrs. Cinciruk’s keys as a break-in instrument, entered her domicile, without her consent and without her knowledge.

Between the dates November 27, 2009 and December 4, 2010, he (and others), without her knowledge and without her consent, removed her most personal belongings from her home. Also her bed, her furniture, frozen food stored in the basement, many canned jars of preserves were thrown into the dumpster. It was reported to us that there was also a fire-proof steel box in the basement which contained English and Canadian money.

The dumpster was filled to capacity with the contents of her home.

In regard to this matter:

  1. We allege unlawful entry.
  2. We allege that the enterer(s) had no lawful excuse to be on Dora Cinciruk’s property or in Dora Cinciruk’s house.
  3. We further allege that the disposition of Dora Cinciruk’s belongings without her consent constitutes theft.

We ask that the Edmonton Police Service investigate this matter of elder theft and looting.

Respectfully submitted,

Elder Advocates of Alberta Society

Appeal from Dora Cinciruk


Friend’s Appeal

Appeal Videos from Bob Cinciruk

(Videos were pulled from YouTube by lawyers)

A recent of Dora Cinciruk, taken at a locked unit of Capital Care Norwood





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