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Seniors United Now (SUN) promotes Simard MD &IDriveABLE protocol

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SUN continues to hold meetings for seniors concerning the Simard MD
& DriveABLE protocol.

We continue to receive complaints concerning Simard MD & DriveABLE .
This morning 2 calls, Friday, an anguished family member attended here.
Older Albertans across the province are having their lives disrupted &
devastated by this protocol.
– A man, fully employed, who drives to work went to have the required
physical exam, was blindsided by the Simard MD. He was told he scored
too low, therefore could not drive until he took a DriveABLE computer test,
cost $250. (+ GST). Another man, who for a month had pulled a holiday
3-wheeler across a neighbouring province was instructed he could not drive
home from the doctor’s office because he allegedly failed a Simard test.
– A lady told us that after having been subjected to the Simard MD she
fought to re-obtain her license. She said it cost her well over $1,000.
Affected seniors are fighting back but the emotional & financial cost is high.
Tax-paying Alberta citizens are being abused.

We have been advised by academics who have reviewed the Simard MD
that this testing sets up the senior for failure, not only by the nature of the
questions but also by the way the test is scored. The almost guaranteed
failure then results in the senior being directed (funnelled) to the
$250. (+ GST) DriveABLE computer test.

The DriveABLE test is sponsored by the multi-million dollar, private for profit
enterprise, the DriveABLE Assessment Corp. Inc.

In November, 2012, we sent a two page, registered letter to the President
of SUN, strongly objecting to the continued, active promotion of this harmful