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Shaun Joseph steals $166,000 from disabled mother

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Shaun Joseph, 59, of Ohio, U.S.A has been accused of stealing $166,000 from his disabled 91-year-old mother and using the money to buy sex dolls and lingerie

A 59-year-old Ohio man has been arrested for allegedly stealing $166,000 from his dementia-stricken elderly mother, which police say he then used to buy a large cache of sex dolls, adult toys, lingerie and wigs.
Shaun Joseph, of Dayton, was indicted last week on charges of theft from an elderly person above $37,500, illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material and pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor.

According to a search warrant affidavit obtained by Dayton Daily News, Shaun admitted to police he should not have used his incapacitated mother’s credit cards and money from her bank accounts to pay for online sex shows and various fetish items.
Joseph’s 91-year-old mother resides in a nursing home and is said to be suffering from severe dementia, is partially blind and non-verbal.

According to Dayton Daily News Joseph told investigators his mother gave him permission to use her credit cards before she started ‘going south medically’.
He allegedly admitted, however, to officers that his purchases may have been ‘beyond the scope of what she would have permitted’.
When police searched Joseph’s home on Merryfield Avenue in Dayton in February, they reportedly seized five silicone dolls with multiple heads, sex toys, wigs, unopened Amazon boxes containing 150 pieces of women’s lingerie, including thongs, G-strings and bras, as well as a box of ligatures.

Police also seized from his home two laptops, a desktop computer, a television and three cellphones.

When investigators reviewed the contents of those devices, they reportedly uncovered videos depicting child pornography.

Joseph told investigators his mother gave him permission to use her credit cards before she started ‘going south medically.’ The woman currently requires constant care and has been non-communicative for more than two years.

Shaun, who has no prior criminal record in Ohio, is free on bond pending his trial.

Adapted Daily Mail – 21/06/19