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Sofia Sharin Hafiz, theft thousands of dollars

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Sofia Sharin Hafiz, of Edmonton,A 53-year-old health-care aide has been charged
with theft after two seniors were allegedly defrauded of almost $560,000, Edmonton
police said Wednesday in a news release.

A 75-year-old man contacted police in December 2018 to report an alleged fraud of close
to $160,000 at the hands of his health-care aide,
police said.

Detectives with the senior protection unit launched an investigation, and later identified
a second complainant.

The second case dated from May 2016, when the suspect was providing care for an
86-year-old woman, whom she maintained contact with more than three years.

During that time, police said, the accused allegedly defrauded the woman of about

“Both complainants were in a vulnerable position, because they were requiring
personal care in their home,
” said Det. Denise Zielie, the primary investigator
on the case. “They had developed a friendship with a health-care attendant, who
later betrayed them.

“They were in disbelief that someone who provided care could lie to them.

Sofia Sharin Hafiz, 53, of Edmonton, has been arrested and charged with
two counts of fraud over $5,000.

Adapted from CBC News


A: For decades, Elder Advocates of Alberta Society have been appealing to government
that health care aides who work in private homes be

1) thoroughly vetted

2) have a police criminal check

3) be bonded.

B: It has been reported to us, that health care aides help themselves
to items in the elder’s home.
Then when the senior has laid a complaint
of theft with a police service, they are told by police that there is
not sufficient evidence to lay charges. Sometimes told that it is a
civil matter and the police service cannot be involved.

It was reported by family in an an upscale area that there had been a
significant theft by such aides. We urged them to report to the police
and offered to assist them in such a complaint. However, because the
family was somewhat high profile, they were reluctant to engender

C: It has been found that numbers of these health care aides have little
or no training
, sometimes just arrived from somewhere.

D: For decades, we have requested that an ELDER ABUSE REGISTRY
be established
similar to the ELDER ABUSE REGISTRY in Manitoba.

Thieves like Sofia Sharin Hafiz often receive no more than a slap on the
wrist from the courts and then with impunity, go on to prey on other elderly.