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Strawberry Soda

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Good day to you.

I’m writing concerning Bill 24 [Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act].

It certainly brings back memories. I’m 78 years old but I shall go back to 1958. My Grandmother and Grandpa were in their late 80’s. One day Grandma went for a walk. She wanted her favourite treat, a strawberry soda. So off to the bank she went to get $5.00. There should have been $5,500.00 in savings, as they had sold their house in Pointe de Chene, N.B. Well, her bank account was bare!

All my Grandma wanted was a strawberry soda! The money was gone, taken by her daughter and son-in-law without her knowledge.

Now I call that cruelty! My husband and I were living in Ottawa and heard about it later. I never felt so sorry for my grandparents. They gave us love and happiness, and great meals. She made quilts and doilies, etc., during winter months to sell to tourists to put coal and supplies in for coming winter months. Grandpa’s pension was very low in 1940.

I think of them often with love, so you can see how great they were.

How cruel Bill 24 will be if it passes and places many Alberta seniors in the same situation.

Thank you.

Mrs. Willa Whittaker