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Test violates seniors’ rights

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From Edmonton Journal Letters – February 27, 2014

Alberta Transportation statistics show that seniors are the safest drivers on our roads. Yet, in 2008, the minister of transportation introduced a pilot project that subjected all Albertans at age 75 to a medical fitness assessment.

In many medical clinics, a cognitive test called the Simard MD was also introduced. Those who score low on this test are referred to the DriveABLE computer test, which also has a high failure rate. According to data 2011, only 15 per cent pass. The DriveABLE test costs seniors $250 plus GST and is sponsored by the private-for-profit, multimillion-dollar DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc.

We submit there is no justification for this testing. Seniors are having their lives disrupted and their rights violated, and are losing their right to drive. We have asked the transportation minister to end this testing.

Ruth Maria Adria, Elder Advocates of Alberta Society, Edmonton

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