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Unlawful Apprehension and Detainment

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July 10, 2010

The following is an account of a senior’s terrifying ordeal at the hands of society’s advocates/ protectors/ professionals. It was physicians / psychiatrists, nurses, police, security staff, senior management staff who deliberately and with intent suspended the rights of N. S. and arbitrarily detained him.

This matter is being investigated per the Edmonton police Service, Professional Standards Branch.

N. S. is a Canadian citizen.

N. S. as a Canadian citizen, has inherent rights.

This senior citizen, is a law abiding Canadian citizen who has always paid his taxes, was functioning, maintaining his home in impeccable condition. Nevertheless, he was arrested and stripped of all rights.

Mr. S. was arrested twice:

– Apprehended August 3, 2009- to University of Alberta Hospital Psychiatric Unit @4G (2) Discharged from University of Alberta Hospital Psychiatric Unit, August 31, 2009. Detained 29 days.

– Apprehended May 10, 2010 – University of Alberta Hospital Cement Holding Cell D4 – then moved to emergency cubicle.

Discharged @ 7:10 PM, Wednesday, May 12, 2010 from University of Alberta Hospital emergency unit to Alberta Hospital Edmonton by ambulance.

Discharged June 8, 2010 from Alberta hospital, immediately following an after hours call from lawyer to attending psychiatrist, from Alberta Hospital Edmonton Geriatric Psychiatric Unit. He was placed in a yellow cab and sent him home.

We submit that the account of the arrests of Mr. N. S. do not make sense. Why would responsible, professional, police officers arrest an octogenarian over neighbourhood differences and hand him over to the Capital Health, physicians and psychiatrists for demeaning, egregious treatment?

Why would they “make (prior) arrangements” to have him detained prior to investigating the matter? A psychiatrist was on hand to fill out a Form I.

Was that collusion?

  1. He was told he was arrested!
  2. He was declared to be delusional.
  3. He was declared to be a danger to himself and a danger to others.

Police ripped him out of his house twice. His house was left unattended. An empty house is not covered by insurance and could be subject to further vandalism. No social worker has been assigned to assist him.

His bills were not being paid, lawn not cut, mail piled up and could have been stolen. He had no shaving supplies, no extra clothing.  Others had to cut his lawn, pay his utilities, his quarterly taxes.

We’re older people, we did not need the extra work load of looking after his affairs, cutting his lawn, paying his bills when he should have been at home looking after his affairs. Though ripped out of his house, no social worker or other person to concern themselves with such matters.

He showed us evidence of his neighbours vandalism. We believe him. Mr. S. feels that he received inordinate attention from City of Edmonton Police prior to his apprehensions – Correspondence dated February 22, 2010.

Complaint May 12, 2010, made to:

Honourable Ms. Alison Redford, QC, Minister of Justice and Attorney General;

The Honourable Ms. M. Jablonski, Minister of Seniors and Community Supports;

The Honourable Mr. Gene Zwozdesky, Minister of Health and Wellness;

Dr. William Johnston, MD, FRCS (C)

Site Medical Directors, U.of A. Hospital;

Dr. Kathleen M. Collinson, Psychiatrist, Admitting Physician.


May 20, 2010: Site Medical Directors
“He received appropriate care”.

In fact, he did not receive appropriate care, he did not receive any care. He received no therapy. His health issues were disregarded. Rather, he was treated like a maximum security prisoner. We find this to be a most troubling matter for which we are seeking answers.



July 19, 2010

Professional Standards Branch,

Edmonton Police Service,
9620 – 103A Ave. Edmonton, Alberta T5H 0-H7

Attention: Acting Detective, Ms. Samantha Parker

Your File – 1A – 2010-0421

Re: Mr. N. S., 80 yrs.of age, apprehended Edmonton Police Service – detained Alberta Hospital Edmonton, Unit 12 -1

We were disappointed and somewhat shocked when you abruptly cancelled our meeting of Friday, the 16th, July, 2010 @ 1:00 PM. It was to be a meeting

with five of your persons, two Edmonton Police Service persons, two Capital Health persons, an RPN and some of us.

You stated that by having Mr. S. present we were ‘blindsiding you”. Mr. S. was present at the first meeting, why would he not be present at the Friday meeting?

After all, he was the one who suffered the horrific ordeal. What would we have discussed had we not discussed the matter of N. S.?

We sincerely regret that the meeting was cancelled. We prepared and tried very hard to make it a meeting where issues could be comfortably discussed.

Respectfully submitted, we would be grateful to be in receipt of a response in regard to this matter by the 2nd, August 2010.

Elder Advocates of Alberta Society


Mr. N. S.

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