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Vehicular Homicide

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Vehicular Homicide

27 year old David Finkelman was struck and killed by a yellow Chevrolet Cobalt January 27, 2014, while crossing Whyte Avenue at a marked intersection.
Police say the young driver was in the process of turning left onto Whyte Avenue when her vehicle hit the pedestrian, who was walking across 82 Avenue at 101 Street.
“Information from witnesses at this time is that the light was green for north-south traffic and also the pedestrian light was activated at the time,” said EPS Inspector Chad Tawfik. Other witnesses say he was crossing legally.

Apparently, the young woman, Emily Holmes, who had been behind the wheel simply did not see him. Police said later that her passenger yelled at her, ‘Watch the guy! Watch the guy!’

One witness told CTV News that it looked like the pedestrian saw the vehicle approaching and tried to get out of the way.
“When he saw that they, the car, [sic] was moving against him, he decided to run away but he couldn’t because he was stopped with the garbage bin, and at that moment the yellow car crushed him,” said Vlad Hyzhyi.
Kun Wu, an employee at Sun Toyota, watched the aftermath unfold on the street in front of his workplace. He saw the man lying on the ground by the Toyota sign and three firefighters administering CPR.
“They tried so hard, but nothing happened. They kept trying, kept trying,” said Wu, adding the driver — a young woman was sitting in the car.
“She was crying and everybody was doing CPR with this guy. There was a firefighter that took the girl out of the car and put her into the fire truck.”

The driver, plead guilty to failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk.
Court handed her a $2,000 fine and suspended her driver’s licence for two months.

No Fatality inquiry has been held.

A man died.