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Video Cameras In Continuing Care Facilities, Letter

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August 31, 2006

The Honourable Iris Evans, Minister of Health and Wellness
Room # 107, Alberta Legislature Building,
Edmonton, Alberta.

Dear Ms. Minister:

It is a well established principle of common law that health care providers owe a duty of care to provide a reasonable level of safety to their clients It has become public knowledge that owners, administrators and professionals in continuing care facilities fail to exercise their duty of care.

Alberta facilities are licensed and in large part paid for by Albertan’s tax dollars, therefore it becomes incumbent upon government to assume the duty of care. Government can readily monitor facilities by means of video cameras in every resident’s room. This process is already in place in some child care centers. After all, very elderly, dependant persons are much like frail children.

We urge you to monitor all elder care facilities with cameras and demand ethical care and safety from those who have been entrusted the care of vulnerable Albertans.

Government must be able to assure the safety and protection of all its’ citizens.

This law has been expressed in
Stewart v. Extendicare Ltd.
1986 4 WWR 559
(1986) 38 CCLT67
(1986) 48 Sask R 86
Sask QB. Malone, J.

Thank you. We would be most grateful to be in receipt of a response concerning this long standing and urgent matter by September 10, 2006.

Elder Advocates Of Alberta


The Honourable Mr.Ron Stevens,Minister of Justice and Attorney General
The Honourable Ms.Yvonne Fritz, Minister of Seniors and Community Support Services
Dr. Kevin Taft, MLA, Leader of the Official Opposition.
Mr.Brian Mason BA, MLA


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