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Misspent Monies

A report from 2005 prepared by the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society. Download PDF

Guardianship order disregards senior’s end of life planning

In October 1999, * made arrangements through her professional lawyer, George Illsley, that the daughter # be appointed Enduring Power of Attorney and also prepared four appropriate holograph wills…

Unjust Selling of Property

We have learned that the farm of Emma Kadnar is to be sold. At a meeting, which you, the Honourable Minister of Seniors, Ms. M.Jablonski and others attended at the Warburg Seniors Center on April 1, 2009, Ms. Brenda Lee Doyle, Director, Office of Public Guardian, stated unequivocally, that farms and property of dependent seniors would not be liquidated unless there was a financial need to pay for the care of the senior…

Video Cameras In Continuing Care Facilities, Letter

It is a well established principle of common law that health care providers owe a duty of care to provide a reasonable…

Sexual Assault at the Edmonton General Care Center

A judge has upheld the decision to fire an Edmonton nursing assistant for making sexual jokes to two men who were dying of cancer.

James Bain: Failure To Provide The Necessities Of Life

Case study of James Bain, including a letter to the Minister of Justice, and photos of his condition. Warning: contains some disturbing images

Seniors Minister fails to investigate complaint by Dependent Adult against Public Guardian

We were appalled and shocked to learn that there was failure by your Office to investigate the 14 page Complaint made by Flora L’Heureux DAO3 12536, against the Office of the Public Guardian…

Martha Matich: Dependant Adults Act Abuse

This is an account of elder abuse which demonstrates, that even though an elderly person has attempted to provide for and protect herself in old age, this careful planning can be easily decimated…