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Betty Anne Gagnon: Sister, brother-in-law charged with manslaughter

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EDMONTON — Betty Anne Gagnon was 48 years old when she died, barely able to see and unable to care for herself, was found dead on Nov. 20/09, curled in the front seat of a pickup truck parked at a gas station near Edmonton. Her face was bruised and one eye was black.

According to court documents, in the months before she died, she spent her days locked in a chicken-wire “jail cell” and left to sleep in a feces-smeared tent. Her sister, Denise Scriven, and her sister’s husband, Mike Scriven, face charges manslaughter, unlawful confinement, and two counts each of assault. They are due to appear in court July 7/10.

Adapted from the Edmonton Journal June 28/10

There are many unanswered questions in regard to this matter. Was she an AISH recipient? Were they benefitting financially by keeping her in their alleged care? She must have been known to Social Services. Who monitored the care of this person who was known to be dependent & severely handicapped?

Betty Anne Gagnon, 48, was blind and mentally handicapped. She died alone under horrific, unthinkable circumstances. Marilyn Lane, 42, who from childhood suffered from Downs Syndrome, burned to death in an unlicensed, unmonitored Capilano group home. Both, were not under the protection of the Public Guardian or under private guardianship.

However, in our world, we continue to witness an epidemic of persons being detained, placed under guardianship & trusteeship, all in the name of protection and care. It is noteworthy however, that these detained persons are seniors, all of whom have estates and bank accounts, some have massive bank accounts.

Both Gaumont and Lane were penniless, they had no estate. They had no economic value to prospective guardians, not even to government*.

*The Office of the Public Guardian and Public Trustee, does not accept persons who have less than $10,000.

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