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Keep the ‘dead donor rule.’ The Hippocratic Oath is dead. “Do no harm” medicine is fast becoming extinct. Contemporary health care is increasingly under the sway of a utilitarian bioethics that makes the elimination of suffering the prime directive—to the detriment of traditional standards of medical morality that deem all human life equally worthy of […]

Medical Science Under Dictatorship

Medical Science Under Dictatorship by DR. LEO ALEXANDER This article was taken from the July 14, 1949, issue of “The New England Journal of Medicine.”) Science under dictatorship becomes subordinated to the guiding philosophy of the dictatorship. Irrespective of other ideologic trappings, the guiding philosophic principle of recent dictatorships, including that of the Nazis, has […]

Hospital Urges Suicide

Hospital Urges Suicide CANADIAN MAN RELEASES TAPES OF HOSPITAL URGING HIM TO DIE BY EUTHANASIA In March 2017, CTV News reported that Roger Foley, who lives with cerebellar ataxia, a degenerative neurological condition, has launched a lawsuit naming the stating that they are offering him assisted death (MAiD) but they are not willing to provide […]

Conservatives Oppose Euthanasia

Conservative Party of Canada opposes expansion of euthanasia. The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Policy Convention (August 25, 2018) in Halifax overwhelmingly supported a party policy opposing the expansion of euthanasia (MAiD). The policy stated that the CPC: “Opposed the extension of euthanasia and assisted suicide to minors, to people who are not competent and […]

Brain-injured Misdiagnosed.

Severely brain-injured patients are commonly misdiagnosed, often aware and may well recover, says authoritative new report This article was written by Dr Peter Saunders and published on his blog on August 12, 2018. People with severe brain damage are difficult to diagnose reliably, not uncommonly recover and are often much more aware than we think. […]

AMA Grapples With Assisted Suicide

By Thomas E. Sullivan, M.D. American Medical Association (AMA) grapples with assisted suicide debate. I am surprised, having dedicated my life to healing, that we in the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association did not reach consensus at our annual meeting in Chicago recently, to ratify the recommendation of our Council on Ethical […]

Doctor Euthanizes Patient

Criminal investigation opened into doctor who held patient down and ‘euthanized’ her A Dutch doctor who was rebuked for killing an elderly dementia patient without consent and in a traumatic manner has been given a formal reprimand by the Dutch medical complaints board, and may now face criminal charges. Worldwide horror The case involved a […]

“Belgium euthanized 3 children”

“Belgium euthanized 3 children” aged 9, 11 and 17. Euthanasia deaths are rising and children are being killed. Belgium extended euthanasia to children in February 2014, by eliminating the age limit for lethal injection. Lethally injecting people without request are considered criminal acts in every jurisdiction in the world, but under the banner of assisted […]

Lethal Injection Inhumane?

Euthanasia Execution Drug Controversy I ask the question, how can a drug be considered risky, experimental and a form of torture in one circumstance (capital punishment), and a human right when it is used for euthanasia? Recently I published an article concerning the use of drugs for executions and euthanasia. The article titled: Euthanasia drug […]

MAiD (euthanasia) increases by 30% in Canada.

Thursday, June 28, 2018 Alex Schadenberg Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The experience with every jurisdiction that permits euthanasia or assisted suicide is that once it is legalized it expands in the number and situations whereby death by lethal drugs is considered a response to difficult human conditions. In Canada, The Third Interim Report […]

Belgian Nurses Refuse Euthanasia

Belgian nurses give up their jobs to avoid having to euthanize Patients Professor Benoit Beuselink, a cancer doctor, reported that personnel are leaving palliative care departments, saying the wards are at risk of becoming “houses of euthanasia.” “Some Belgian palliative care units that have opened their doors to patients requesting euthanasia have seen nurses and […]

NL Presumed Consent

New Dutch organ donation law will apply to everyone officially registered in NL It is legal in the Netherlands for doctors and psychiatrists to lethally inject the sick, disabled, elderly, and mentally ill who ask to die. It is not legal for them to kill patients who have not repeatedly asked to die. But that […]

B.C Bullies Palliative Care

British Columbia Health Authority orders hospital to commit euthanasia – The recent edict by the Fraser Health Authority in British Columbia ordering (non-religious) healthcare facilities to participate in euthanasia (MAiD) including hospices is an infringement on the conscience rights of the medical staff. – The edict by Fraser Health directly effects institutions such as the […]

Forced Suicide

Forced Suicide Turning Dutch doctors into executioners has led to suicide on demand The slippery slopes of the Netherlands’ euthanasia regime are becoming streamlined as they grow slick with blood—and now, even some of those who have worked in the dispatch industry for years are becoming uncomfortable as the Grim Reaper annexes more territory with […]

1,324 euthanasia deaths

ASSISTED SUICIDE, EUTHANASIA More than 1,324 euthanasia deaths in Canada since legalization – less than a year. April 24, 2017 (AlexSchadenberg) — Nicole Ireland with CBC news reported that there have been more than 1,324 euthanasia deaths in Canada. The CBC article that promotes euthanasia states: More than 1,300 people in Canada who have died […]