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Harvesting organs after euthanasia

Doctors have already harvested organs from dozens of Canadians who underwent medically assisted death. In Ontario, 26 people who died by lethal injection have donated tissue or organs since the federal law decriminalizing medical assistance in dying, or MAID, came into effect last June, according to information obtained by the Post. A total of 338 […]

“Duty to Die”

The “Duty to Die” Advances by The Center for Bioethics and Culture on OCTOBER 19, 2011 By Wesley J. Smith, J.D., Special Consultant to the CBC Is there such a thing as a “duty to die?” Some notable voices in bioethics say, yes. They believe that as a matter of distributive justice, when people reach […]

Lisa Goltman injuries

Jacqueline Goltman 3115 – 39 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6T-1J5 June 26th, 2013 HAND DELIVERED Complaints Director Alberta College of Physicians 2700 – 10020 100 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0N3 Complaint against Dr. Karr-Hong Lee Emergency Department University Hospital Edmonton Reference: Lisa Rachel Goltman – Deceased (In this matter I shall refer to Lisa Rachel […]

Judge Halts Euthanasia Law

A Quebec Superior Court justice has ruled a provincial law allowing some terminally ill patients to end their lives with medical help cannot take effect on Dec. 10, as planned. Justice Michel Pinsonnault said key articles in the new law contradict provisions of Canada’s Criminal Code on medically assisted suicide – provisions that are still […]

Doctors’ group proposes assisted death protocols in absence of rules from government.

Frustrated by the Harper government’s silence on assisted death, the nation’s most powerful doctors’ lobby — once long opposed to euthanasia in any form — is proposing its own aid-in-dying protocols that include death by lethal injection. In a draft document, the Canadian Medical Association sets out the terms under which Canadians should qualify for […]

First euthanasia in Netherlands of severe Alzheimer’s patient performed

A woman with advanced Alzheimer’s disease has been euthanized in the Netherlands, a first in a country that requires patients to be fully mentally alert to request to die, activists said Wednesday…

Why we should be afraid of assisted suicide

This article’s focus is physician-assisted suicide. Legalizing this practice would be a recipe for elder abuse. Legalization would also empower the Canadian health-care system to the detriment of individual patient rights…

Suicide, euthanasia bill causes disabled man profound worry, distress

The 3.6 million – or one out of eight – Canadians who live with disabilities already feel unwanted, unequal and unaccepted by Canadian society, he told a Dec. 1 news conference on Parliament Hill…

I Need Help

I need HELP ASAP and have not been able to find any. My husband’s two sisters, brother and one granddaughter are euthanizing his mother…

Misinformed Family Members

My mother died last year in hospital, because the doctor dealing with her decided her life wasn’t worth the expenses…

79% of United Kingdom Nurses say ‘No’ to assisted suicide

A recent survey carried out on Nurses.co.uk showed that only 20.9% of UK nurses think that assisted suicide should be legalised here…

Kill the Pain Not the Patient

A Canadian study on palliative care, published in the August 1995 American Journal of Psychiatry, reinforced what past research had documented – when physical pain is controlled and depression is treated, terminally ill people do not want to die…

Starvation at the Grey Nuns

The following is a presentation made by Mrs. Bev Headington at the Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society Press Conference held at the Old Timer’s Cabin on May 21, 2006. Note: Contains some graphic images

None Dare Call It Euthanasia

Evidence grows that patients are being deliberately starved and dehydrated to death.

Physician Assisted Suicide Unconstitutional

Federal Judge Michael Hogan ruled that Ballot Measure 16, adapted by a small majority of Oregon voters in November 1994, violates the equal protection guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution…