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Edmonton Transit Tested By DriveABLE

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Edmonton Transit scammed by DriveABLE

On Mar 2, 2017, at 2:55 AM, we received email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote:

Hi: The City of Edmonton ETS has decided to use this test and is testing all of their drivers and if they do not pass this cognitive computer test they are pulling them off their jobs and suspending them with pay and making them go for mandatory medical examinations.

These drivers all have licensing in good standing and have good reviews and no problems with major accidents or attendance etc. All that have been demanded to go for medical tests, which include another cognitive test, to date have passed their medical tests and gone back to driving.
This process has caused extreme anxiety for most ETS drivers. Their ATU Local 569 union has filed a policy and Human Rights Grievance, but the city’s Disability Management department is refusing to stop this process of using the Driveable test.
I see that your group has also had some negative experience with this testing. Could you provide any information regarding this testing or contacts or lawyers having experience with these Driveable tests? Thank-you


The DriveABLE Website unequivocally, boldly and dishonestly states that the DCAT –DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool

1) can objectively measure a patients cognitive ability to drive to drive.

2) measures the cognitive skills needed for safe driving.

3) can predict actual on- road performance

DriveABLE seeks to protect save drivers from misidentification based solely on their medical condition or error or age and accurately identify unsafe drivers to protect them their families and other road users


April 11, 2018

Mrs. Valeria Palladino
2304 Frezenberg Ave NW
Edmonton AB, T5E 5R9

Dear Ms. Palladino:


It has been reported to our office, that the City of Edmonton Transit System (ETS) under your watch, subjected their drivers to the DriveABLE computer based assessment. We were informed that If they failed to pass the test they were pulled off their jobs and suspended with pay.
It was reported, that these were all drivers who had licensing in good standing, good reviews and no history of accidents or attendance etc.

Those who failed the DriveABLE test were then directed to undergo a medical examination and subjected to another cognitive test. After they completed the medical tests, they were returned to their driving positions. It was further reported that this protocol caused extreme anxiety for ETS drivers.

Please advise us –

1) Why were over 1600 ETS operators subjected to undergo a test which is indicated for medically at-risk drivers?.

2) What was the purpose / intent, of this massive exercise?

3) How many operators were pulled off their jobs and suspended with pay because they failed the DriveABLE test?

3) What was the cost to the tax payer for this massive exercise –

– the administration of the DriveABLE testing of over 1600 persons, (older Albertans pay $250.00 per test).

– the cost of administering the cognitive test to numbers of persons?

– the cost of paying additional drivers who supplemented suspended drivers?
– the cost of the physician administered medical examinations?
?Physicians can charge up to $160.00 for a medical exam?

– additional administrative staff hired to carry out this massive exercise?

– the mental and emotional cost to those who may have failed to appear for work or performed poorly because of anxiety or because they felt humiliated and demeaned.

The DriveABLE assessment protocol developed in 1998 at Northern Alberta Regional Geriatric Centre (NARG) has never been peer reviewed.

It strongly appears, that contrary to the widely published claims of the Driveable Assessment Corporation, that those who fail the DCAT are a hazard / danger on the road, ETS Operators have proved this to be to the contrary.

Please allow us to be in receipt of your response by the 23rd of April, 2018. Thank you.

C.C. Michael Walters, City Councilor, Ward 10



April 3, 2018 VIA FACSIMILE – (780) 427 2002

The Honourable Mr. Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation,
# 324 Legislature Building

Dear Mr. Minister:

REFERENCE: DriveABLE, private for profit computer based test, requirement for renewing senior right to renew license in breach of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.
It is being reported to our office that Driver Fitness and Monitoring personnel of Alberta Transportation, some physicians and a Registry Office are making the passing of the DriveABLE computer-based test, the requirement for the renewing of senior driving licenses.

The DriveABLE test, for which there has never been a peer review, is known to have a 15% or more failure rate at accurately identifying safe drivers. Furthermore, when it is proven that DriveABLE has misidentified a safe driver, as being unsafe, DriveABLE refuses to provide restitution or even an apology for their failure.

Older Albertans fear having to undergo license renewal. We receive fear filled calls from across the province, even before seniors make the appointment with their doctor for license renewal. We allege that numbers of seniors are being seriously abused by the process.

Mr. Minister, we would be grateful to meet with you in regard to this and other related driving matters. We would be also most grateful if Ms. Lori Sigurdson MLA, Minister of Seniors, would be in attendance.

We shall provide a detailed agenda if so requested. Thank you.

Yours truly,