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Linda Gordulic, Elder Abuse

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April 3, 2018

VIA FACSIMILE – (780) 427 2002

The Honourable Mr. Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation,
# 324 Legislature Building
10800 97 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5K 2B6

Dear Mr. Minister:

REFERENCE: Mismanagement, bullying, elder abuse
Linda Gordulic, Reviewing Officer, Driver Fitness and Monitoring, Alberta Transportation. 780 427-8230

It has been reported to our office that the above-named person Linda Gordulic

A) was handed material / letters and personal information by an Alberta citizen
which cited mistreatment by Alberta transportation bureaucrats. Linda Gordulic,
Reviewing Officer, without examining the documents handed to her behind her plexi-glass enclosure took them and without examining them, tore them up and threw them in her waste basket.

B) On another occasion Linda Gordulic, wrote a lengthy letter to an Alberta citizen as follows:
“The review your file has now been concluded. Based on current documentation received, I regret to advise you that you do not medically qualify to operate a motor vehicle in any category and you are not approved for a provincial road test. The reinstatement of your driving privileges has been denied”.

Then in the next paragraph, she writes:
Before any further consideration may be given for approval for your drivers license, you are required to:
1) “Demonstrate improvement . . . by undergoing and passing . . . an on the road driving assessment”.

Then she goes onto say
2) “. . . pass driving assessment by DriveABLE”.

We allege that Seniors as well as any Alberta citizens deserve to be treated with dignity by publicly paid servants.
We ask your office to investigate this matter.

We would be grateful to be in receipt of a response by the 25th of April, 2018


Linda Gordulic, Driver Fitness Reviewing Officer, Alberta Transportation
Via Facsimile 780 422 6612