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Murray Billett

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October 5, 2009
Via Facsimile 780 496 8292

Mayor Stephen Mandel,
Office of the Mayor,

2nd Floor City Hall,
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square,
Edmonton, AB. T5J 2R7

Dear Mayor Mandel:


On Monday, September 28th, 2009, @ 11:00 AM, a number of us attended at a University
Hospital, Edmonton, 5th Floor meeting, in order to support a registered nurse who
is under investigation because she began to listen to a senior who had been admitted
to a psychiatric ward. The senior had been apprehended by the police on a report by a
neighbor. The said RN, on the ward, observed him to have no psychiatric difficulties.

Furthermore, according to College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta
(CARNA) ethics policy,
“The most notable role of a registered nurse is to be a patient advocate”.

While listening to this senior, she was told by a shift staff supervisor person
that she was in breach of the Mental Health Act and ordered to leave the unit.

Also attending at the Monday meeting, representing the United Nurses of Alberta
(UNA), was Murray Billett, who was allegedly in attendance to
be the nurse’s advocate. Prior to the said meeting, he informed us
that we could not attend in support of the RN

One of our people asked him if he was a lawyer to which he replied that he was.

U.of A. security was called. Three large, enthusiastic, bully appearing, persons
had been summoned and strongly suggested that we seniors, must immediately leave.
It was, what some would term an ugly situation and for us most frightening and

Later that day, I called city Hall for information in regard to Mr. Billett’s
To date, I have received no response. The UNA, informed me that
they had no information concerning this man
and had him call me, which he did.
He strongly informed me that his educational background and work experience was
no one’s business and was personal. It should be noted, however, that any nurse
who applies for a position must give full references and credentials.

Mr. Billett has been given incredible status and power as a member of the Edmonton
Police Commission
and obvious unlimited power over professional registered nurses
at the United Nurses of Alberta. Yet no one seems to have any knowledge of his
professional status or educational background.

We would now be pleased to receive a copy of his curriculum vitae or any
professional history which was presented to City Council prior to this man
being appointed to the City of Edmonton Police Commission by the Edmonton City

Respectfully submitted, we shall be awaiting your reply.

We would be grateful to be in receipt of such reply by the 20th of October, 2009.

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society

c.c. Councillor, Mr. Bryan Anderson, BEd


This letter refers to an occasion when a group of law abiding seniors were bullied,
intimidated, threatened by Murray Billett
who directed U. of A. security personnel
to physically remove us.

Murray Billett presently identifies himself as an:
“Educator, Former Police Commissioner, Human Rights activist, Labour Relations/Conflict
Resolution Specialist


We allege Murray Billett to be a fraud, a usurper who when his professional
status was questioned & his curriculum vitae requested, there was nothing
forthcoming only hot air. Following that however, he quietly faded from the
Edmonton Police Commission and from his powerful position with the professional
nurses union.