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Simard MD reason for License Suspension

February 13, 2023 Letter Via Email Honourable Mr. Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation, Alberta Legislature, Edmonton AB. . Dear Mr. Minister: REFERENCE – Senior Driver License Applicants. . We are again receiving Reports from seniors that they are being . 1) disallowed to drive, . 2) their driving licenses suspended . 3) directed to submit […]

Failure To Obtain Informed Consent From Senior Drivers

REGISTERED MAIL Professional Conduct Department College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta Suite 2700, 10020 – 100 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0N3 Dear Sir/ Madam: REFERENCE: FAILURE TO OBTAIN INFORMED CONSENT- ADMINISTRATIVE FAIRNESS Alberta citizens, 75 years & over are required to have a medical exam by a physician in order to register for […]

Elder Advocates want province to do more to protect seniors abuse

MORE NEEDS TO BE DONE TO PROTECT ALBERTA SENIORS! – The Elder Advocates of Alberta Society is urging provincial legislators to do more to protect seniors from abuse, an issue which affects approximately 9 per cent of Albertans over the age of 65. EAAS executive director Ruth Adria specifically called out MLAs who she says […]

“Provinces face precarious fiscal positions—even post-pandemic”

“PROVINCES FACE PRECARIOUS FISCAL POSITIONS – EVEN POST PANDEMIC” ———– Jake Fuss of the Fraser Institute has written an article citing the high cost of senior health care. He writes:“As the senior population increases in Canada, there will be significant pressure placed on provincial health care budgets. Seniors use more health-care resources than other age […]

Injustice – License renewal.

LICENSE RENEEWAL ———— AN EMAIL LETTER SENT FROM A SENIOR DRIVER. SHE TITLED HER LETTER DISCRIMINATION – WE TITLE IT INJUSTICE. —— I was sent a Form that said in order to renew my license I had to have a doctor’s certificate. I have an appointment at my doctor for my annual checkup in June […]

Biden Advisor: “Elderly Should Be First To Die”.

JOE BIDENS CORONA VIRUS TASK FORCE ADVISOR, EZEKIEL EMANUELL, OPINES, “ELDERLY SHOULD BE FIRST TO DIE, LAST TO LIVE”. One of the heads of the task force is the infamous Dr. Death, Ezekiel Emanuel, who was one of the brains behind Obamacare. He is most notorious for opining that people have no useful life beyond […]

Bank Loan to Elder

ROYAL BANK GRANTED MY 74 YEAR OLD MOTHER A 4 64,000. LOAN FOR A TRUCK. I just wanted to include something i have personally gone through with my elderly mother. At age 74 Royal Bank granted my mother a $64,000.00 loan for a truck. My mother lives on a small pension but some how she […]

Dutch Dementia Patients Can Be legally euthanized.

LANDMARK DECISION IN DUTCH EUTHANASIA LEGISLATION In April, 2020, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled that doctors could legally carry out euthanasia on people with advanced dementia who had earlier put their wishes in writing even if they could no longer confirm them because of their illness. The ruling is a landmark in Dutch euthanasia legislation […]

Study: Senior Drivers Do Not Cause Accidents

Study : SENIOR DRIVING “THERE IS NO CORRELATION BETWEEN HAVING STRICTER RULES AND LESS TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS“. Professor Richard Tay. La Trobe University’s Chair of Road Safety Management argues increasing mandatory testing and licensing requirements for ageing drivers is not necessary. SENIOR DRIVING, A recent study by Professor Richard Tay examines the re-testing and licensing requirements […]

Abuse of Power

To whom it may concern, ABUSE OF POWER: SENIORS THREATENED WITH EVICTION. I writing this text over concerns about how some of the residents of ______ Lodge in _____, AB have been treated as the restrictions around COVID-19 have lighten a bit. It seems that the management at the ________ lodge have increased restriction rules […]

Gross Nursing Home Negligence

>MONTREAL — Thirty-one people were found dead in less than a month at a nursing home in Montreal, at least five confirmed to have coronavirus — a powerful Canadian emblem of how nursing homes are among the places hardest hit by the pandemic. In the United States 17 bodies were recently discovered at a long-term […]

Murray Billett

October 5, 2009 Via Facsimile 780 496 8292 Mayor Stephen Mandel, Office of the Mayor, 2nd Floor City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB. T5J 2R7 Dear Mayor Mandel: REFERENCE:MURRAY BILLETT – POLICE COMMISSION REPRESENTATIVE. On Monday, September 28th, 2009, @ 11:00 AM, a number of us attended at a University Hospital, Edmonton, […]

Edmonton Court Hearing-

Edmonton Court house COURT HEARING, Tuesday July 3, 2018 @ 2:00 PM, Room 270 Senior had driving license abruptly suspended. Then was apprehended driving without license Counsel has now documented that Driver Fitness and Monitoring of Alberta Transportation had no grounds to suspend his license. Court Hearing will be listed under name- Lamont Call Elder […]

Powers of Attorney Act – Too costly

Ageism to become discrimination for first time

Age will soon be included as a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Alberta Human Rights Act. An application to include age as a discriminating factor was granted at a hearing in Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench Friday after it was unopposed by the province. “We can now join the rest of Canada,” said lawyer […]