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Primary Care Network targets seniors

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Primary Care Networks are carrying out a pilot project which 

targets seniors who apply for driving license renewal.
Seniors are subjected to a Simard MD test. 
If and when they fail the Simard MD, they are referred to DriveAble, 
a private for profit agency which administers a computer test.  
The computer test costs $250.
Both tests  are virtually unpassable.
Numbers of non-seniors who have voluntarily taken the Simard MD, 
have failed the test, including an Alberta Cabinet Minister.
Across the province, by means of this  protocol, alarming 
numbers of Albertans are being stripped of their right to drive.

A strong notice of objection has been filed  with the Office of the Honourable

Mr. Fred Horne, Minister of Health and Wellness,

citing the government’s vicious, unfair protocol which targets its’ own law abiding, tax paying citizens.