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91-year-old woman dies after being found in frigid temperatures outside LTC home.

EXTENDICARE CEDARS VILLA. Calgary police Officers were called to Extendicare Cedars Villa, in the 3300 block of Eighth Avenue SW in the community of Spruce Cliff, at around 4:45 a.m. Staff called police to report a missing person after realizing tha senior resident was not in her room during nightly rounds at the care home. […]

90 yr. old Chooses Euthanasia Rather than Lock-down

90-Year OLD LONG TERM CARE RESIDENT, WHO WAS NOT CHRONICALLY ILL OR DYING, DIED LAST MONTH BY EUTHANASIA (MAID) TO AVOID LIVING THROUGH NOTHER COVID -19 LOCK-DOWN. From June 17, 2016 to October 31, 2020, there were 6266 reported assisted deaths in Ontario. Canada’s parliament is currently debating Bill C-7, a bill to expand (MAiD) […]

Alberta’s COVID-19 Outbreak Forces Closure of Over 500 Continuing Care Beds

Widespread outbreaks of the coronavirus in Alberta’s continuing care network have forced operators to close hundreds of beds in their facilities, creating a bottleneck in the broader health care system that could soon translate to reduced access to elective surgeries and other procedures. Continuing care facilities across the province have collectively closed more than 500 […]

Labelled Incompetent, Elders Fight For Control

PATRICK WHITE PUBLISHED AUGUST 30, 2007 UPDATED AUGUST 30, 2007 PUBLISHED AUGUST 30, 2007 This article was published more than 10 years ago. Shortly after she suffered a stroke in 2001, Flora L’Heureux was shown a single document that turned her life upside down. The paper, called a Form 1, stated that she had “poor […]

Covid Denies Seniors Rights.

I spoke with a lady whom i have known for many years, (by telephone), who is in a locked unit (Edmonton) who strongly told me, “We can’t go outside now.”no fresh air, no exercise, for we do not know how long. She is locked up and keenly experiences it. This was a person who in […]

Abuse of Power

To whom it may concern, ABUSE OF POWER: SENIORS THREATENED WITH EVICTION. I writing this text over concerns about how some of the residents of ______ Lodge in _____, AB have been treated as the restrictions around COVID-19 have lighten a bit. It seems that the management at the ________ lodge have increased restriction rules […]

Gross Nursing Home Negligence

>MONTREAL — Thirty-one people were found dead in less than a month at a nursing home in Montreal, at least five confirmed to have coronavirus — a powerful Canadian emblem of how nursing homes are among the places hardest hit by the pandemic. In the United States 17 bodies were recently discovered at a long-term […]

Résidence Herron, Montreal

Résidence Herron, a 154-bed private nursing home on Montreal’s West Island. The Quebec coroner, health authorities and the police have launched investigations in the wake of the deaths of 31 residents at a Montreal seniors’ home, where the owners allegedly withheld medical files and staff left their posts amid an outbreak of the novel coronavirus. […]

Slave Lake , Points West Elder Care

May 01,2020 The untold undignified stories of our Seniors Care Centre Points West in Slave Lake, Alberta. I had my first experience with Points West in Slave Lake with a family of an elder going into care with dementia, I would visit this senior at least four plus times a week. As I visited this […]

Manoir du Lac, McLennan, AB.

EDMONTON — Alberta Health Services is taking over Manoir du Lac, a continuing care facility in McLennan that has seen 37 confirmed COVID-19 cases and five deaths due to “inadequate” care standards. Manoir du Lac has 62 residents and employs 70 staff, according to AHS. As of Friday, 26 residents had tested positive for the […]

Karen Patching removed mother from Columbia Age Care Home

KAREN PATCHING REMOVED MOTHER FROM SENIORS CARE FACILITY My mother has been a resident of the Age Care facility in West Lethbridge, Alberta, for 4 of the past 5 years. Due to the danger that Columbia Age Care has put my mother in by not caring for her properly and by not quickly enacting the […]

Global Pandemic: Licensing Senior Drivers

Despite a global pandemic, the requirement for older Albertans to have their driving license renewed by a medical doctor, continues to be in effect. We have also learned that at the end of this month, they will have to pay for the medical examination necessary for the license renewal. Therefore in practice, an Albertan, who […]


Dutch to offer ‘poison pill’ to healthy seniors who want to die   The Dutch government has published a study that shows how many people want to end their own lives, prompting a political party to provide suicide pills for the elderly.   THE HAGUE The Dutch government has published a study that shows how […]

Unlawful Confinement of Senior

This formal complaint is a recent development in the ongoing history of Dora Cinciruk. December 28, 2012 Dr. Douglas Faulder, Medical Director, Capital Care Norwood Chief of Police, Mr. Rod Knecht Edmonton Police Service, Dr. Chris Eagle CEO Alberta Health Services Re: Dora (Eudokia) Cinciruk – UNLAWFULLY CONFINED Resident # 219 2 N. Capital Care. […]

DriveABLE- Angry Senior Sues

DriveABLE- Angry Senior Sues Over License Ordeal Seniors find getting licence back can be nearly impossible BY CHRIS ZDEB EIGHT MONTHS NIGHTMARE TO RENEW DRIVING LICENSE An Alberta senior is suing Alberta Transportation, his former family doctor, and the creators of two cognitive assessment of safe driving tests after having to spend eight months and […]