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Martha Matich: Dependant Adults Act Abuse

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Below is the report of abuse on Martha Matich, prepared by the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society. All documents are scanned originals in PDF form, therefore if you are having trouble reading them, utilize the zoom tools in your browser.


Part 1

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This is an account of elder abuse which demonstrates, that even though an elderly person has attempted to provide for and protect herself in old age, this careful planning can be easily decimated.

Furthermore, this account gives us a window into the massive, well rewarded bureaucracy/ alleged advocacy system, which, though it gives the public perception that it exists to protect elderly citizens, in fact allows and even facilitates the abuse and predation of senior Albertans.

Martha Matich had done all she humanly could to protect herself. She had retained the services of her long time attorney and authorized a detailed document of Enduring Power Of Attorney. Trusting her attorney, she signed the Enduring Power Of Attorney. She believed that she had retained the right to cancel the granting of the Enduring Power Of Attorney at any time. However, the process which she believed would protect her, failed to do so.

On April 22, 1996, Mr. Ihor Broda filed an untruthful Affidavit at Alberta Land Titles Office taking away the rights and dignity of Martha Matich.

The documents which were relied upon, did in fact not meet the criteria of a Declaration of Incompetency. Nevertheless, with the invalid documents in hand, the lawyer, designated Agent by his clients, embarked on a long journey of deception.

Note: This legal document, prepared by a professional lawyer, appears to give contradictory instructions. Tab I, page 1, paragraphs 3 & 4 are contradicted by paragraph 4 of page 5.

Part 2

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A complaint concerning this matter was filed with Law Society of Alberta. The Law Society has been notified that the litigation has come to conclusion.

Part 3

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Attached is the lawyer’s Statement of Account which was submitted to the Office of the Public Trustee for payment. Payment was fully approved by an Officer of the Office of the Public Trustee and also taxed and approved for the full amount of $13,237.58, by the Taxation Officer at the Court House.

Mr. Broda had never been retained by Martha Matich, nevertheless he asked for and received full payment from her account for his nefarious actions.

Part 4

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Mr. Broda prepared an affidavit on March 13/06, prior to Martha Matich’s scheduled appointment with Dr. Roland Ikuta on March 13/06. She did not attend at the appointment. Nevertheless, Mr. Broda claimed payment for the affidavit and got paid.

In estate matters, which may continue for years (and drain the estate) all counsel get paid.

In this instance, the matter commenced in 1996, in 2000 Martha Matich deceased, however the matter is ongoing in the courts and of course all Counsel gets paid.


January 14, 2008

The Law Society of Alberta

600, 919 – 11th Avenue SW,

Calgary, AB T2R 1P3

Attention: Ms. Katherine Whitburn, Manager File # 199950671

Dear Madame:

RE: Ihor Broda, Lawyer and Barrister 13723 93 Street, Edmonton, AB. T5E 5V6

It is troubling that the Law Society is failing to demand ethical behavior from lawyer, Ihor Broda who filed a fraudulent Affidavit regarding Martha Matich, with the Land Titles Office. This action took away all rights from Martha Matich and declared her to be incompetent. He acted on behalf of his equally fraudulent client Carol Merlin, a neighbor of Martha Matich, who presented herself to Matha Matich’s Physician and the Glenrose Hospital as a niece of Martha Matich.

On April 22, 1996, Mr. Ihor Broda embarked on a long journey of deceit, a journey which continues to this day. Mr. Broda’s illegal, high handed actions stripped an Alberta senior of all rights. It is disturbing that this man is allowed to continue as an Officer of the Alberta Court.

Thank you. We would be grateful to be in receipt of a reply by January 28, 2008.

Yours truly,

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society

CC: Dr. Kevin Taft MLA

Memo to Dr. David Swann


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