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Deceptive Government Publication

The Publication by the Office of the Public Guardian, UNDERSTANDING PERSONAL DIRECTIVES, states that the law in Alberta, does not allow family members to make decisions on their behalf. However, after making a search, we found that no such law exists…

Personal Directives

An Albertan woman describes her concerns regarding the personal directive in a letter to the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society…

Personal Directives Act Chapter P-6: Breach of Legislation

We fully recognize, that seniors who have suffered serious, cognitive impairment, require careful care, monitoring & protection…

Beloved Mother

Personal Directive Disregarded My mom was a person that should have never been given a capacity test. First, they are a tool and only a tool and sometimes too much is placed on it. We were never consulted as a family before it was given and her personal directive and power of attorney was not […]

Personal Directives Act

We ask that your government legislate that all enacted Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney be registered with the provincial government…

Competency Issues

A commentary on the process of declaring Seniors Incompetant, looking at the Dependent Adults Act, Personal Directives Act, Powers of Attorney Act, and Mental Health Act.

Martha Matich: Dependant Adults Act Abuse

This is an account of elder abuse which demonstrates, that even though an elderly person has attempted to provide for and protect herself in old age, this careful planning can be easily decimated…