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Failure To Obtain Informed Consent From Senior Drivers

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Professional Conduct Department
College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta

Suite 2700, 10020 – 100 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0N3

Dear Sir/ Madam:


Alberta citizens, 75 years & over are required to have a medical
exam by a physician in order to register for license renewal
Numbers of Alberta Physicians subject applicant seniors to cognitive
testing. Alberta citizens are being abused by this process.


We have documented that these physicians –

1) frequently do not have evidence to support the decision
to test the senior, disregard the presumption of capacity
The “nurse” takes the client for testing prior to the doctor having
met with the senior client.

2) fail to inform & advise the senior
a) of the purpose of the test
b) that a low score will result in a diagnosis of “dementia”,
c) that the diagnosis of “dementia” will be entered in his/her medical file.
d) a low score may result in termination of right to drive
e) fail to advise client of legal right to refuse testing.

3) fail to obtain informed consent.

4) We further allege Administrative Unfairness.

We ask the College of Physicians & Surgeons to address this matter.

Yours truly,
Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society




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