"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

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Bill # 24, Guardianship and Trusteeship Act,has already passed 3rdreading, is seriously flawed legislation. Discrimination against the elderly, those with mental and physical abilities offends the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We will be posting, some of the legislative abuses contained within the proposed legislation, at a later date.


There is no legislation to hold guardians accountable.


The Office of the Public Guardian is under review by government. Hearingswill be held across the province throughout this month and a final reportshould be completed within two months.At one of the focus groups we were invited to attend, the question wasasked, “Do you trust your guardian?” Four out of six attending, dependentadults strongly stated, […]

Cree Elder Dies of Injuries In Nursing Home

DOES THIS MEET THE THRESHOLD FOR THE LAYING OF CRIMINAL CHARGES CODE OF CANADA?         November 16, 2021   Email letter mbdietz@snipercom.net   Mrs. Marjorie and Mr. Brian Dietz: Slave Lake, AB. REFERENCE   Alice Mary Badgerow, DOB 10/18/32 Sweet Grass Seniors Home, 105 6 Ave. NE, Slave Lake, AB.     […]

Surrogate Court Accepts Unsubstantiated Evidence

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society       MONDAY November 26, 2007 @ 2:00 PM   Queens Bench – Surrogate Court Edmonton   Application by Office of the Public Guardian   for renewal of guardianship of   Flora Elizabeth L’Heureux     Barbara Fraser, Public Guardian Representative, with full Knowledge, filed an untrustworthy, unsubstantiated affidavit […]

License to Steal, Powers of Attorney Act

License to steal Our family became aware that our Mama was becoming frail. Sister Jamie assumed Power of Attorney and Personal Directive. Because Jamie’s husband was an accountant, this seemed like a good fit. There was a large estate of several million dollars, we were pleased that family affairs would be properly looked after.   […]

“Stop trying to kill us off”

THE LEGALIZATION OF PREMATURE DEATH AS A TREATMENT OPTION IS A THREAT TO DIABLED PEOPLE. — Jane Campbell The Guardian UK – Assisted dying is not a simple question of increasing choice for those of us who live our lives close to death. It raises deep concerns about how we are viewed by society and […]

Labelled Incompetent, Elders Fight For Control

PATRICK WHITE PUBLISHED AUGUST 30, 2007 UPDATED AUGUST 30, 2007 PUBLISHED AUGUST 30, 2007 This article was published more than 10 years ago. Shortly after she suffered a stroke in 2001, Flora L’Heureux was shown a single document that turned her life upside down. The paper, called a Form 1, stated that she had “poor […]

Class Action Lawsuit Seclusion In Mental Hospitals

CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT CITING ALLEGED USE OF PROLONGED ISOLATION ON MENTAL PATIENTS. The legal battle against solitary confinement in Canada has moved beyond the prisons in a proposed class-action lawsuit against a high-security psychiatric hospital for its alleged use of prolonged isolation on patients. The lawsuit accuses the Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care in […]

Viking, AB. Nursing Home Neglect Results in Elder’s Death

“People go to jail for treating their pets in the same way,” Staff at Extendicare nursing home abused woman before her death from dehydration. According to AHS, there were 273 allegations of abuse at seniors’ homes it funds between April 2018 and March 2019. Most were determined to be unfounded, but many still prompted suggestions […]

Unlawful Confinement of Senior

This formal complaint is a recent development in the ongoing history of Dora Cinciruk. December 28, 2012 Dr. Douglas Faulder, Medical Director, Capital Care Norwood Chief of Police, Mr. Rod Knecht Edmonton Police Service, Dr. Chris Eagle CEO Alberta Health Services Re: Dora (Eudokia) Cinciruk – UNLAWFULLY CONFINED Resident # 219 2 N. Capital Care. […]


  November 29, 2019   The Honourable Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Rm # 424, Alberta Legislature. Via email letter   The Honorable Josephine Pon, Minister of seniors Rm. 423 Legislature Building, Edmonton, AB. Via email letter   Dear Honourable Ministers:   REFERENCE: CAPACITY ASSESSMENT TRANSCRIPTION   We continue to receive reports […]

Personal Directive

Personal Directive If you have a personal directive, the person or people you’ve picked to be your agent would have legal authority to make personal decisions for you. You can register your personal directive with the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT) so healthcare providers can easily find your agent or agents if […]

Niels Högel Nurse Mass Murderer

Niels Högel Nurse Mass Murderer. Niels Hogel used various drugs to orchestrate cardiac arrests in patients in order to show off his resuscitation skills. Police suspect that Högel’s final death toll may be more than 200, while one spokesperson for a group of the victims’ relatives put the number as high as 300. When Niels […]

A Broken System

    As soon as my dad died, my two siblings took control of mom, who had undiagnosed dementia at the time. They used isolation tactics, misinformation, bullying and chaos. Within a month, mom was suspicious of myself and my sister, believing that we were going to put her into an old folks home, and […]