"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

Dependent Adult Abuse

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Formal Complaint Filed by Flora L’Heureux

See also: NorQuest College Honours Senior Student Flora L’Heureux and Seniors Minister fails to investigate complaint by Dependent Adult against Public Guardian The Office of the Guardian has never explained to me what their role as guardian is. There has been failure on the part of the Office of the Public Guardian to obtain the […]

Capacity Assessment Transcription

We are calling on our Government to legislate that all capacity assessments be recorded and transcribed…

Beloved Mother

Personal Directive Disregarded My mom was a person that should have never been given a capacity test. First, they are a tool and only a tool and sometimes too much is placed on it. We were never consulted as a family before it was given and her personal directive and power of attorney was not […]

Petition – Bill 24, Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act

To the Legislators of the Province of Alberta: We the undersigned, find Bill #24 Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act is unjust legislation that violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Section 103 states that an assessor, under the direction of the court, can violate the privacy of your home in order to asses your competency. […]

Lorraine Adolph

See also Inquiry for Lorraine Adolph We have been told that Thursday noon, December 4/08, Lorraine Adolph was last seen leaving Building # 12, Alberta Hospital Edmonton, 17480 Fort Road, for a smoke. Who unlocked the doors for her to exit the locked unit? Were the certificates disregarded? A family member had begged the Stony […]

Application for Renewal of Guardianship of Flora L’Heureux

Application by Office of the Public Guardian for renewal of guardianship of Flora Elizabeth L’Heureux…

Complaints to the College of Physicians and Surgeons

Dr. Brahim, the physician of Mr. AD, knowingly prescribed medication that caused Mr. D to be in a stuporous and insensible state…(Contains some disturbing images)

Do the Elderly Have No Rights At All Anymore?

I have a friend who is fighting for her mother’s rights to be considered competent…

Competency Issues

A commentary on the process of declaring Seniors Incompetant, looking at the Dependent Adults Act, Personal Directives Act, Powers of Attorney Act, and Mental Health Act.

Review of the Dependant Adult Act

A Critical review of the Dependent Adult Act of Alberta…

Seniors Minister fails to investigate complaint by Dependent Adult against Public Guardian

We were appalled and shocked to learn that there was failure by your Office to investigate the 14 page Complaint made by Flora L’Heureux DAO3 12536, against the Office of the Public Guardian…

Victorian-era workhouses still thrive in modern Alberta

I would like to respond to Fred McMahon’s suggestion that the poor belong in the workhouse…

Failure by Protection of Persons in Care to Investigate Elder Abuse

It has been reported to our office that O.M., son of P.M., entered his father’s room at Rosedale Griesbach on Friday July 27, 2007, when the father was absent….

Frightening Abuse of Professional Privilege

After a preliminary conversation with a senior, Dr. Alexandra Marin, immediately suspended the senior’s driving license…

Martha Matich: Dependant Adults Act Abuse

This is an account of elder abuse which demonstrates, that even though an elderly person has attempted to provide for and protect herself in old age, this careful planning can be easily decimated…